Applying Eyeshadow Tips for Beginners

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If you’re a beginner when it comes to makeup, read on this post on Applying Eyeshadow Tips for Beginners to learn basic Eyeshadow look and how to recreate your own beauty looks.

Get a fluffy Blending Brush- Invest in good quality brushes as they last for years, and ensures your makeup is blended well. Get a fluffy blending brush that is tapered outwards and not dense to blend out your shades. It is also important how you hold these eye brushes. Learn how to get the right grip on brush as described in video.

Maintain well-groomed brows- Well-groomed eyebrows make a huge difference to the way your entire face looks. Plus, it makes your Eyeshadow look smoother right in place.

Prime Eyes– Apply concealer underneath the brow and all over the lid, as it makes eye shadow blending easier.

Applying Eyeshadow- Learn how to apply basic eye shadows and what is the transition shade, lid shade, shimmery shades and how to blend them in the video below. Find eye makeup for beginners tips and applying eyeshadow tips on

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