Beauty Tips for Bride Before Wedding

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Women often feel a bit stressed when their wedding is on cards, in order to look their best on D-Day. They begin focusing on beauty, makeup, looks, health and personality etc. Following are 7 Beauty tips for bride along with health tips and tricks to consider before wedding

1. Weight Management

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Majority of women focus on cutting down on the flab and shed those unwanted pounds to get flat tummy and in shape and these are indeed essential tips for good health. For a flat stomach and slim body, all you have to do is follow Health Tips and Tricks. Include lots of fresh veggies and fruits in your diet and avoid junk food, oil rich foods. Do not skip meals and plan a proper diet chart (2-3 months before your wedding) with good nutrition. Increasing use of dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios etc are also best Health Tips for Women.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

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One of the beauty tips for bride is to hydrate. It’s not just for brides but for everyone. We have said it several times and we say it again, drink plenty of water on regular basis for a good health. Dieticians recommend drinking at least 2.2 liter a day for fresh looking skin irrespective of any skin type. Besides drinking water, you can also include watermelon juice on regular basis.

3. Get Smoother Skin

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While you can get a full-body scrub at a salon for allover smooth skin and get rid of dead skin, you need to also include good moisturizers, lotions and scrubs that caters to your skin concerns according to your skin type. Pick noncomedogenic products if you have breakout-prone skin or stick with the hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid for dry skin and look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid if you have oily skin.

4. Color Guard

According to David Heber, M.D., author of What Color Is Your Diet, the rich hues of fruits and veggies can actually protect your organs against diseases. The colors refer to the presence of particular phytonutrients that helps reduce the risks against certain diseases.

Orange/Yellow Foods- Protects your Skin.

Recommendations– Carrots, Mangos, Cantaloupe, Sweet Potatoes

Red colored Foods- Protects Lungs and Heart

Recommendations– Tomatoes, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon

Red/Purple Foods- Protects Heart

Recommendations- Grapes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Beets, Red Apples

Yellow/Green Foods– Protects Eyes

Recommendations– Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Collards, Avocado, Honeydew Melon, Corn, Peas

5. Get Rid of Stress

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Women health Tips– Women often suffer from headaches and stress related issues before their bid day. “Stress may cause a tightening of the muscles in the neck and head, and that’s what causes the pain. You can get into a cycle where your muscles tense up, and then you tense them even more as a defense against the pain—which makes it worse,” say health experts. Incorporate regular exercises and treat yourself to a weekly massage. Do a 15-minute head and neck massage whenever you have time to take your mind off and reduce the stress.

6. Pre Wedding Facials

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One of the bridal beauty tips is getting Pre Wedding Facials. Give your skin a good start with regular facials on monthly basis and a consistent care with CTM routine. This helps you understand your skin type and what products are most suitable. Massage your skin and scalp daily for few minutes to improve your blood circulation and promote glowing pink skin as well as hair growth.

7. Don’t Forget Hands and Feet

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French manicure and pedicure are considered to be part of Beauty tips before wedding. Do not ignore them. Regularly exfoliate and massage them. Opt for a good hand and foot scream. Beautifying your hands with French manicure is essential before the wedding day to make your hand look gorgeous in the moment of ring exchange.

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