Beauty Tips for Women: 10 Easy Beauty Tips every Woman must know

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Ever wondered what are professional makeup artists secrets that they achieve that perfect flawless look? Well, that is not so hard if you learn these makeup secrets and beauty tips for women. So put an end to your search on how to put on makeup with these amazing Makeup tips and tricks.

1. Scotch Tape as a Stencil

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It’s always a trouble getting that perfect winged eyeliner look. Go for a shortcut and use that Scotch Tape as a stencil. Stick the scotch tape the lower water line, outwards towards the temple. The top edge of tape should be the bottom line of your wing. Now create your wing by drawing the eyeliner and you get that flawless sharp wing.

2. De-clump Mascara

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Mascara can go clumpy overtime, or they tend to transfer a lot of product leaving clumsy lashes if applied. You can avoid this without throwing out those expensive mascaras. Add a few drops of Visine or any other brand of eye drops to Mascara and use it. Also don’t pump the wand in and out of mascara tube as it creates air bubbles and gets dried up.

3. Highlight Brow Bone

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Another makeup secret to make eyes standout is to apply a highlighting eye shadow, preferably a light shimmery eye shadow under your brow bone. This will give an illusion of facelift and make the eyes appear awake. Highlight the brow bone by applying a very light colour with shimmer.

4. Warm your Eyelash Curlers

While you know that Eyelash curlers make your eyelashes look lengthy and curly, the effect is more visible when you warm up your curlers with a hair dryer or run them under some hot water. Before you place it on your eye lashes, test them with your fingers to make sure that they are not too hot.

5. Wiggle Macara Wand

When you apply mascara, always use the wand in a zigzag motion. Press the bristles against your upper and lower lash lines and then wiggle the brush at the base before extending to the ends. Leave about five minutes between the application of the first coat and the second and make sure you’ve fully coated each of the lashes.

6. Tightlining

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Tightlining is one of the best Makeup tips and tricks to enhance your lashes and make them look fuller, if you’re opting for no-makeup makeup look. It enhances your natural features in a very subtle way and it defines your eye lashes making them look thicker and fuller. Apply kajal to the waterline of your upper eyelashes to create the Tight lining effect.

7. Lush Lip Trick

Wanted to make your lips look fuller and bigger? Use a lipliner to line the lips beyond the natural lip line and fill them up. Then simply apply a lip gloss that will make lips look larger and plump. It’s one of the best beauty tips for women

8. Foundation with Downward Strokes

How to put on makeup? Foundation is the base of your makeup. Try to get the exact shade match to your skin, and this resolves your major process. Blend your foundation with foundation brush with downward strokes and ensure there are no noticeable lines and blend well. Don’t forget to blend foundation well onto your neck to get the most natural and fresh look.

9. Make Eyeshadow Pop

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If the eye shadow you bought is notvibrant enough, follow this simple makeup secret. Apply a cream coloured base to your eyelids first and then start applying the eye shadow of your choice, this makeup trick will really make your eyeshadow pop.

10. Mix and match Lipstick Shades

You can always mix and match your lipstick shades to create your own shade of lipstick. Mix dark colored lipstick with a concealer or a lighter shade to tone down the color. You can also opt for transparent natural gloss that tone down the lipstick shade. Blend the lipstick well to even out the effect.

Learnt the makeup artists secrets to achieve that perfect makeup look? Follow these amazing Makeup tips and tricks to add to your beauty.

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