Get Perfect Eyebrows with Eyebrow Shaping Tips !

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Well-defined brows helps balance out your face by stretching it vertically, making your face look slimmer. No matter the different eyebrow types like straight, arched, thick or thin you have, follow these eyebrow shaping tips to get perfect eyebrows

How to Shape Eyebrows in best way?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to get the most attractive and beautiful shapes for your brows at home.

1. Shave your Eyebrows

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For shaving your eyebrows, make yourself get readied for it with a warm shower in order to make the hairs loose on your brows or taking a steam. This helps open up the hair follicles and ultimately the trimming process becomes easier.

2. Rinse the Area Around Brows

Rinse the area around eyebrows and using a moisturizer, spread on the skin from the bulge of your eyes to the upper area of your brow. Let the skin bounded by the brows get covered as it is safer for skin while shaving, besides making procedure painless.

3. Set a Stencil

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Set a stencil by using the eyebrow razor completely and you will require an eyebrow pencil for it. Firstly, brush both of your brows in the upward order with a spoolie or eyebrow brush and fill the arches with pencil using little fluffy strokes to get the desired shape.

4. Trim Outside of the Stencil

Trim down everything that is outside of the ‘stencil’, after you filled with the brow pencil. Since you have brushed the hair, the fibers are straight and you can easily identify the ones that are outgrown and are needed to be shaped.

5. Begin Shaping

Begin Shaping with the razor, once you get to know the brows. Start by cutting down the the fine hair string that are outgrown. Place your razor straight up by using the broad vertical comb. Try to apply small strokes moving it from one side to another only horizontally in the opposite direction of hair growth.

6. Clean the Trimmed Hair Strings

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Using a clean towel, remove the trimmed hair strings off the razor. Now change the broad cap of the razor with a smaller one (square or rectangular shape). Follow the shaping eyebrows procedure to with the remaining shave to get perfect eyebrows.

7. Upper Areas of Brows

For perfect eyebrow shape, remove the outgrown hair on the upper side areas of the brows with the help of razor. Ensure you use the razor by grip it straight down and removing in the way of the growth of your hair.

8. Beneath the Eyebrows

Be careful when you begin to shave the area beneath your brows. Start at the upper points or the arches and remove all the extra hair fibers present underneath them. Move the razor to form small compact strokes without adding any pressure to the skin for best eyebrow shape

9. Even and Balanced Look

One of the best eyebrow shaping tips is to a have a closer look in mirror after every step. This helps you have a complete grip on the eyebrow shapes. Once you’re done see that you have even and balanced look.

10. Cleaning

Finally, clean the areas around both of your eyebrows with warm water and a cloth. Massage with a moisturizer. This completes the procedure of shaping eyebrows at home.

Isn’t shaping eyebrows at home easy without undergoing through painful threading? Follow these eyebrow shaping tips to get perfect eyebrows.

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