Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

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What is the best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes or Green Eyes? It’s not that tricky to choose the natural hair color especially for Green Blue Eyes and Green Hazel Eyes. Here are the simple tips from hair stylists on how to choose the hair color for green eyes based on the skin tone and complexion that can make the green eyes pop.

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Green works well with warm or cool hair color tones. But choosing a wrong hair color can make you look washed out or sallow. Opt for hair color within the three shades of your original hair color that looks like natural hair color. To make it simple, the factors to consider for ideal hair color is your skin tone, eye color, current hair color, skin complexion and clothing.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

To determine your skin undertone, look at the color of the veins on your wrist. If you have Green veins, then you have warm skin tone and your undertone is either yellow or gold. But if you have Blue veins, it implies cool skin tones.

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Warm Skin Tones with Green Eyes

Red Hair Color – Red colors are contrasting to greens, and women with hazel eyes can choose fire engine red highlights or golden, caramel or vibrant red shades that complement green eyes clearly. However, avoid auburn red hue.

Blonde Hair Color– Blonde looks great on green-eyed women, making the attractive. Women with warm skin tones should choose sunny blonde. Opting for Medium to dark blonde also determines your undertone making you look attractive. However, avoid brassy and light blonde among Blonde hues

Brown Hair Color– Women with green eyes should choose Medium brown hues like the chestnut. The shades of light to dark brown are the most flattering and can make green eyes pop. Hair stylists also choose Caramel or chestnut for green eyed women.

Cool Skin Tones with Green Eyes

Warm colors don’t look great for cool skin tones, blonde is attractive while Strawberry blonde is perfect. Alternatively choose Red shades such as purple hint and avoid Copper and auburn shades.

Olive Skin with Green Eyes– People with Olive skin has warm undertones, and the attractive best hair color for green eyes is caramel and bronze. Choose darker shades than your skin tone for complementing your skin. Avoid Lighter blonde shades that may make your look washed out. Other best hair colors for hazel eyes recommendations include plum and burgundy highlights, and hair colors like brown, dark brown and deep chocolate brown hues.

Fair Skin with Green Eyes– Women with Fair Skin and green eyes are luckier since the lighter shades look perfect on them. Choose Red, brown, black and blonde shades that flatter green eyes and then pick blonde highlights. However, avoid gold shades, copper or auburn.

Brunette Hair– Green eyed beauties with cool skin tone can pick darker hair colors that look great. If you have warmer skin tone, choose warm golden brunette.

Black– Although black is not so fashionable color considering the trend it looks the most natural hair color for green eyes. It complements cool skin tone and makes the green eyes to pop. Warm skin toned people also can also enjoy intense dark colors nearing black. Black mixed with some hues of red or brown hair color also work for green eyes.

Hair color for Blue Eyes

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Women with blue eyes should opt for Honey, beige or gold colors, and they look great in base shades like golden blonde, chestnut, golden brown or auburn. Also add some streaks of cinnamon as highlights. People with fair skin should choose copper brown or honey hues and add red highlights to make the blue eyes stand out.

We hope our article on Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes has resolved your queries. Follow the simple tips from hair stylists on how to choose the hair color for green eyes.

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