How to find Best Hair Color for Skin Tone?

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How to find best hair color for your skin tone? If you’re wondering how to find Hair colors for cool skin tones or worried if you could pull of the hair color you picked, here are some tips. There are several shades and tons of hair colors ranging from cool to warm, from different brands. Follow these tips below to find what tone your skin is, and what hair color will look best on you.

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1. Find your Skin Tone

Determine what Skin Tone you have, and it makes it easier to pick up the hair color that will complement you the most. Finding your skin one can make it easier for you to choose and pull of any skin color. While Cool skin toned people have pink and olive undercurrents, warm skinned tones have yellow and peach undercurrents, and if you have neutral tone, you can easily pull off any hair color.

2. Hair colors for Fair Skin

If you have cool skin with reddish undertones, shades like platinum, ice, silver, and champagne look great on you and flatter your ivory complexion. The blue cast in the blonde shades will neutralize reddishness in the skin. Celebrities including Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift have rocked ash blonde color. If you choose to go with this color, ensure you pick a purple shampoo and conditioner to keep the color from yellowing.

Women with fair, cool skin with blue undertones can opt for the gold, caramel, amber, honey, or butterscotch shades. Women with Warm tones look best against hues of butterscotch, strawberry blond, and honey, as they bring the a soft glow on your face.

The lighter your skin tone, the paler you can go with your hair, say hair experts.

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3. Best Hair Color for Medium Skin

People with warm undertones can pick the cool brown shades like chestnut, mocha, dark chocolate, and dark auburn that looks great on them. Fair to deep skinned women with yellow undertones should go for a cool brown hair color to brighten up their complexion. If you have medium skin with warm undertones, choose warm brown shades like golden brown, honey, amber, mahogany, or cinnamon. These are the best hair colors for brown skin. People with cool skin should stick to ashy tones like sand, wheat blond, or walnut brown to neutralize the ruddiness in complexion.

4. Best Hair Color for Olive Skin

Women with sultry skin type can try out the rich brown or an earthy color as the intensity of such shades complement the skin tone. “Add some strategically placed highlights in a subtle gold or honey if you want to create depth,” say hair stylists. For cool complexioned women with green undertone, trying out the toasty hues like chestnut brown, auburn, and cinnamon will enhance their beauty.

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5. Best Hair Color for Dark Skin

If you have dark skin and if your hair color is too close to your skin tone, try a hair color that creates contrast between your hair and your complexion. Blue-based complexions can choose Deep, dark tones of espresso and inky black while the warm skin tones can pick maple brown, mahogany, toffee, and other rich, warm colors

Choose the best hair color for your skin tone with these following tips from our article Hair colors for cool skin tones and Best Hair colors for fair skin, Brown Skin and Medium Skin. But if you’re still not sure take an advice from the hair expert.

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