Best Homemade Hand and Foot Whitening Cream

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Looking for skin whitening tips or hand whitening cream? Several companies manufacture whitening products that are quite expensive but guarantees temporary results. Also such products are loaded with harmful chemicals that can be very dangerous for your skin and over all well being. Worrynot! Here’s the DIY Homemade Hand and Foot whitening cream that is absolutely easy and amazing.

These ingredients for homemade moisturizers are easily accessible at home- Honey, Orange juice, lemon, Sugar, rice flour, hydrogen peroxide, Sheabutter.

So follow these recipes in the video shown below to prepare the hand fairness cream to get beautiful hands and feet and to lighten up the dark skin. This handmade lotion for skin whitening treatment is very effective. This hand whitening cream will make your skin glowing and fairer. So click on the video for step by step DIY Homemade Hand and Foot whitening cream that will also help remove wrinkles, dark spots and unhealthy skin.

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