How to choose Best Lipstick for Fair Skin?

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With wide range of lipstick shades for fair skin available in the market, it is always a tough task for women to pick the right shade of lipstick or lipgloss always. If you are looking for a Best Lipstick for Fair Skin that suit you aptly, we are here to help

When searching for best lipstick brands or shades, consider these factors…

Know your skin tone and look for shades that complement your skin tone.

Consider the texture and formula of lipstick

Understand the occasion- Work wear, Party wear or casual wear.

Let’s see how to choose Best Lipstick for Fair Skin women

It is in fact easier for women with fair skin to find a lipstick shade that matches your skin tone, compared to medium skin or dark skinned ladies. You can always experiment with different lipstick shades. But if you are only looking for best lipsticks that perfectly complement your fair skin, here are some. Find out…

1. Red Lipsticks

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Red is a favored lipstick color for fair skin, as it adds the dazzle and glamour. There are lots of red lipsticks shades available which are Bold and bright in texture and are perfect for the weddings, night parties and more. Women with pinkish or rosy hues, opt for a subtle eye makeup and bold Red lips and you are ready to rock the world.

2. Coral Shade Lipsticks

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Coral Lipsticks enhance the beauty of fair skinned girls, and they are also good for an everyday look. Coral shades are not bold, and they give you the scope to experiment with eye makeup if you are looking for party makeup. Opt for pink coral shades that are excellent for your work wear, as they keep your makeup undertone and subtle and give that natural look.

3. Orange Lipsticks

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Young fair skinned girls who like to play with colors, Orange Lipsticks are best choice for you. With the right blend of softness with a tinge of boldness, Orange lipsticks bring out the trendy and adventurous side in you. Most Orange shades are exclusively suited for fair skinned tones, so don’t miss on this as it is sure to make you stand out of the box.

4. Plum Lipsticks

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Plum is one of the best lip hues for fair skin, and it adds the elegance. Try out the pink, purple and brown tones in various shades ranging from light to dark, be it berry, magenta, fuschia and more.

5. Peach Pink Lipsticks

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If you want to pick lipsticks for regular wear and keep it light and subtle, then opt for pinkish peach lipstick shades that gives natural look. They blend well with fair skin tone and add the charm to your personality, also making your eye makeup stand out.

Now that you know how to choose best lipstick for fair skin, try out several lipstick shades for fair skin and pick the apt one. Always try out lipsticks in bright light before you purchase it.

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