Best Makeup for Red Dress-10 Stunning Makeup Steps to Follow

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Women often pick a Red Dress to a prom, wedding, festive occasion or a night party, and Makeup artists say that they often get queries saying “I’m wearing a red dress, what makeup do I wear?! HELP!!!” So here are the steps for Best tips and tricks for Makeup for Red Dress.

1. Match Red Dress with Your Skin Tone

Choose the red dress depending on your skin tone whether you’re a blonde, brunette, or redhead and not depending on your hair color. Women with cool blue-red skin tones can opt for pink-red tone dresses and lipsticks and ladies with darker Mediterranean and Asian skin tones should go for orange-red dresses and lipsticks. Make sure that the shade of red you pick doesn’t drain the color from your face

2. Highlight Eyes or Lips and Not Both

Red is a vibrant color and makeup for a red dress should look classy. Bright Red lipstick and heavily made up eyes will make you look overdone and takes away the entire charm. Highlight either your eyes or your lips and not both to avoid tackiness.

3. Foundation with a light-touch

makeup for red dress

For Red dress makeup, opt for a Foundation with a light-touch to just even out your skin tone. Ensure it is blended well and there are no marks under the chin or jawline. An orange face will clash horribly with a red dress.

4. Smudge-Proof Red Lipstick

makeup for red dress

Red dress red lipstick looks classy. Opt for a smudge-proof red lipstick for red dress as the red smudges will show up more than neutral colored smudges. Matte red lipsticks are more smudge-resistant than glossy lip colors. You can alternatively try red satin lipsticks. Also blot your red lipstick with a tissue after application as it may get transferred.

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5. Prep lips before Red Lipstick Application

Prep your lips before applying red lipstick. Dab the foundation around the lip area and over lips, and it will helps tone down any redness and ensure your lip is well-defined with a perfect lip liner for Lipstick with red dress

6. Prevent Red Lipstick Bleeding With Lip-Liner

Before Applying Red lipstick, line your lips with a waxy lip-liner in Red shade. This will prevent it from ‘bleeding’ into the skin around your lips. After you line your lips, fill them with lip pencil to help hold your lipstick in place. Use a Lipstick Brush to apply the lipstick.

7. Neutral Eye Makeup

makeup for red dress

With Classic Red Lipstick, choose neutral shades of eye makeup for red dress. Opt for a natural shimmer eye shadow with a touch of pencil liner in soft brown and avoid eye shadows in green, yellow, blue, or purple because they will clash with your red dress. Opt for rosy blush powder for the glow.

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8. Smokey Eyes

However, if you’re going for a neutral lipstick, then emphasize on eye makeup and add colors. You can also opt for Smokey Eyes look that goes well with the drama of red dress. Let your face and lips take backseat with the emphasis to eyes. Brush metallic eye shadows on your lids rather than cream-based matte ones. Use mascara for added volume to lashes and a winged eye liner. Go for peach, pink shimmer on the apples of your cheeks.

9. Don’t Match Lipstick And Nail Polish Colors

Makeup for red dress-Makeup artists say matchy-matchy look is old-fashioned where you match your nail polish and lipstick or blush and your dress shade. Instead opt for a soft pink or clear nail color.

10. Don’t forget the Brows

Don’t forget the brows as the shape of your eyebrows can add impact to the overall look. Eyebrows define your face. So groom them and add a little more definition with an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows.

These 10 Makeup for Red Dress Tips will make you look classy yet bold and feminine. In simple, Applying Red lipstick with Neutral Eye Makeup or opting for Smokey Eye Look with Neutral lips is the makeup to go with red dress

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