Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

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Wondering how celebrities have ever-glowing skin and what are their beauty secrets. We at has compiled 10 Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips that are easy to incorporate in your beauty routine.

1. Rosewater Sprays for Flawless Look

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Are you using rose water in your beauty routine? If not, you’re missing a lot. Here’s one of the beauty secrets where you can use rose water spray to lock the makeup and soak up any excess products. Spray light mist of rosewater after you’re done with makeup and lay a tissue over your face to soak the excess product and get natural look.

2. Stay out of Sun

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We’ve seen too many celebrities over 60 still having younger looking skin. If you wanted to stay ever young, stay out of sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m to protect against damage from the sun’s rays. Apply sunscreens and wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV-protective sunglasses when you’re heading out.

3. Mix Bronzer and Moisturizer

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One of the celebrity makeup tips from makeup artists we hear is using a mixture of moisturizer and bronzer. When celebrities are not wearing layers of makeup, they just go for mixture of moisturiser in bronzer on face and neck to create that look healthy and pretty natural look.

4. Moisturizer for Smoky Eye Look

If you’re wondering if celebrity makeup tips are so complex to achieve, you may be wrong. It’s all about understanding those simple makeup tips and tricks and right practice. For an easier way of smoky eye look, use a moisturizer on eyelids initially and then use a eyepencil or eye shadow pencil on the eyelids, it glides on smoothly and smudges virtually to get the perfect eye makeup look.

5. Copper Tinted Blush

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Have you ever used a copper tinted blush? The makeup trick adds healthy looking glow to your face besides taking away the tiredness from face. Experiment with blushes and highlighters to see what works the best on your skin.

6. Fix Eyeshadow Smudges

Stop eyeshadow fall from ruining your makeup by dusting loose powder over the top of your foundation, before you do your eye makeup. If any eyeshadow spill, this helps wipe off makeup easily.

7. Night Cream for Day too

Coming to the celebrity skin care tips, use your night cream for day time too. Don’t believe it? Taylor Swift says that she uses her night cream every single day- first thing in the morning and then at night, before she goes to bed.

8. White Sparkle for Eyes

Makeup artists use a little white sparkle in the corners of eyes of celebrities that make a huge difference to your eye makeup, making them look opened up. Try this celebrity makeup secret that makes you feel the difference.

9. For Firm and Beautiful Skin

Here’s one of the celebrity beauty secrets for ever-young and firm skin. If you’re dealing with dark circles, puffy eyes, tired face, then fill your sink with ice, cold water and cucumber slices. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then plunge your whole face into the sink that helps tighten up the skin and make face look awakened.

10. Don’t forget CTM routine

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Some of the celebrities follow a very simple beauty regime. They do not however miss the regular CTM routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturize every single day, and stay hydrated and get good hours of sleep.

These 10 Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips will help you get ever-glowing skin. These beauty secrets and makeup tips and tricks are easy to follow.

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