Cleaning Makeup Brushes at Home- 6 Easy Steps

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While you already know makeup brushes uses and the application techniques, get to learn how easy is Cleaning makeup brushes at home. Keeping your makeup accessories and brushes clean and sanitized is important so that they not only avoid dirt getting transferred to your skin, but keep your costly and quality makeup brushes last for years.

While there are lots of makeup brush cleansers available in the market, there are also ways to simplify things and use simple home products like dish washing liquid or baby shampoo for Cleaning makeup brushes at home.

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Step 1

By avoiding hot water for cleansing, you can learn on how to store makeup brushes safely for long years. Using hot water can actually soften the glue that is holding the fibres of the brush. Always rinse in cold water or lukewarm water to maintain the fullness of each brush.

Step 2

Run your brush bristles under cold water. Ensure you keep the bristles pointing downwards and avoid rinsing where the handle meets the head, as it can soften the glue and loosen bristles, if water gets in the head.

Step 3

Use a little baby shampoo on your palm or in a bowl. Swirl the brush bristles into the baby shampoo or in the bowl until it creates a rich lather.

Step 4

Work the dirt and oil in the bristles. Now, rinse off the brush bristles with cold water or lukewarm water again.

Step 5

With your fingers, squeeze the excess water out of the brush. If you think there’s more dirt and cosmetics leftovers, repeat the cleaning procedure again. Once the water is clear, you know you’ve finished cleaning makeup brushes at home. Also clean your other makeup tools like your eyelash curler.

Step 6

Use an absorbing cloth or a paper towel to dry the bristles. Lay your brushes flat to dry over night.

That’s it! You’re done cleaning makeup brushes at home. Now learn how to store makeup brushes and more makeup application techniques on

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