9 Date Night Makeup Tutorial to Make you Look Glamorous

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Wanted to look naturally glamorous on a date night? Here are our beauty tips and tricks along with night makeup tips for a perfect Date Night Makeup Tutorial. Take a look.

1. CTM Routine

Start with cleansing routine, and exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub. This helps you get the silky smooth look and freshen up your complexion. However don’t over exfoliate as it may lead to red raw skin. Follow it up with a toner and moisturizer to prep your skin. Following CTM routine twice daily is the best beauty tips and tricks any beauty experts offer.

2. Wear Makeup to fit the Occasion

Choose your makeup style according to the occasion. You don’t want to use tons of makeup for your first Date night out, or be too dramatic. If you’re date is going to be a surprise, it’s always better to choose neutral style and keep things fairy neutral to feel perfectly comfortable and relax. Instead take your makeup pouch with you just in case. Follow the below makeup tips and tricks for the date night makeup.

3. Prep your Base

For a perfect date night makeup tutorial or for any glamorous makeup look for that matter, prep your base. Begin with a good primer and use a concealer in the problematic areas. Opt for an oil free primer if you’re skin is a bit prone to go shiny. A good primer and concealer will help you have blemish-free skin.

4. Pick a Light-Weight foundation

Pick a light-based foundation rather than the heavy formula texture to keep your makeup as natural and fresh looking as you can. The water-based and gel based makeup are easy to work with and doesn’t clog pores.

5. Shape and define the Brows

Shaped eyebrows define your face and give an instant attention by bringing a balance to your overall look. Do not over tweeze them. Tidy up the brows and fill in any sparse patches with an eyebrow pencil. Make your eyebrows look more natural by running a clean mascara brush across them to keep them in place.

6. Open up your Eyes

Apply two coats of lengthening Mascara for an eye enlarging makeup look. Apply a coat of mascara and let it dry. Then apply the second coat to get that volume. Alternatively, you can also play with false eyelashes to get the effect for the date night makeup look.

7. Light Dusting of Translucent Powder

If you’re opting for a natural look for a date night makeup, then go for a cream blush. It makes your skin look healthy and fresh. Set the face with translucent powder for a long staying power and to prevent any shine and give you a bit more coverage. But don’t apply more for coverage as it may look cakey and unnatural.

8. Neutral shades of Lipstick

Complete the date night makeup tutorial with a lipstick. Tone down your lips with a natural shade lipstick to balance out your look so that it doesn’t overpower the rest of your makeup. Fuller lips can give emphasis to roundness on the face. So, opt for nude or natural light gloss.

9. Makeup kit for touching up

date night makeup tutorialImage:lilypebbles

One of the best beauty tips and tricks is to carry a makeup kit with you lipstick, lipgloss, translucent powder or blotting sheets to do a little touching up at some point in the evening. These night makeup tips will make you look refreshing and naturally gorgeous.

And your date night makeup tutorial is done. Do follow these night makeup tips and beauty tips and tricks and be your gorgeous best!

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