6 Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

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We generally focus on eye makeup to enhance our eyes and make them look bigger. But how to apply makeup for women with big eyes? Make them look brighter, more awake and highlight the natural beauty depending on the eye shape. Here are the Easy Eye Makeup Tips for big eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

1. Blending

Blending is the key to eye makeup. Choose an orange corrector and concealer to blend the dark circles and then blend your eye shadow to ensure it doesn’t look patchy. Also blending the highlighting helps in making your eyes look brighter.

2. Dark Eye Shadow

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The darker the eye shadow, the attractive the eyes. The reason behind this is dark eye shadows reduces space and size while light eye shadows sharpens and emphasize eyes. For makeup for big eyes, avoid nude and pale colors and opt for dark shades. These Easy Makeup Tips will contour and dramatise your eyes. Also line the rims of your eyes with dark eye liner to make eyes look more ravishing.

3. False lashes

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Eye makeup for big eyes – Experiment with false eyelashes to give a fuller effect to your eyes. Curl your eyelashes as well as false eyelashes to enhance your eyes and give a dramatic look to your eyes. This makes your eyes look captivating with a perfect U shape to your lashes. Apply Mascara on the outer corners of your lashes as well as the bottom lashes

4. Keep your Brows well Groomed

Here is another big eyes makeup tip. Defining your eyebrows not only makes your eyes standout but they define your whole face. Well-groomed eyebrows make a huge difference to the way your entire face looks.

5. Smoky Eyes

For a smoky eye makeup tutorial, the key is good blending. Get the beautiful gradient effect using multiple eye shadows like greys or deep chestnut tones. Use one eye shadow brush to apply the color, and use another to create the smoky eye effect; blend the colours with the help of a smudge brush. The soft fade makes you look glamorous instantly.

6. White Eye Shadow

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Highlight your big eyes by applying some white eye shadow. Use the eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes, as it will highlight your eyes and bring out the colour.

If you’re lucky enough to have big eyes, then follow these Easy Eye Makeup Tips for big eyes and notice the transformation.

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