7 Eyeliner Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

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How to put on eyeliner? It can be dramatic, dark, winged and bold, but all you need to know are the simple tips and tricks and good practice. Here are some liquid eyeliner tips and eyeliner mistakes to avoid adding definition to eye, elongating eye shape and making them look bigger, brighter and alert!

1. Leaving a gap between lashes and liner

One of the most basic Eyeliner mistakes to avoid is leaving a gap between lashes and liner. Ending up with a visible gap between your liner and lashes makes it look odd and weird. Correct the application making the liner touch your lashes. Hold the eyeliner pencil along the lash line rather than the sharpened point.

2. Liquid liner on bottom lash line

Liquid liners can create the best cat eyes or winged eyes look. But the important liquid eyeliner tips are not to use it on bottom lash line. It’s too harsh for lower lash line, and instead of making them pretty, it draws attention to the eyes in weird way. Use eye pencils and eyeshadows along the lower lash line, as blending these products creates beautiful look.

3. Disconnected Eyeliner

Practice can make you create perfect eyeliner. For starters, eyeliners can be a bit difficult, especially Liquid liners take much time to master the look. Ensure you have good time to blend and join the lines, and not the way it’s poking out arbitrarily. Do not try to achieve the look by trying to draw one continuous line. Apply feather short strokes, from one end to the other.

4. Not sharpening Eyeliner or using Dry Pencil


How to apply pencil eyeliner? If you’re only sharpening your eyeliner pencil when the nib comes down, it’s no surprise your liner looks sloppy. Makeup experts recommend using sharpened eyeliner every time you apply it. Also Dry pencil can pull at the skin and leave skid marks, besides irritating your eyes. Use a good creamy eyeliner pencil to get the well-defined and sharp look.

5. Sticking to one eyeliner

Do not stick to one eyeliner form for all purposes. Use pencil liner for creating the subtle everyday look and a liquid liner for creating a winged/cat look. Gel liners on the other hand glamorous and can add more drama to your look.

6. Starting or Stopping too early

How to put on eyeliner? Eyeliner can elongate your eyes, creating the illusion of wider or more almond-shaped than they actually are and make them look defined. Begin the line about a quarter of the way out from the inner corner of your eye to the outside edge of the eye. Do not stop the liner at outer edge of your eye and continue it till the very last lash and blend outwards.

7. Not applying Mascara


Applying only Eyeliner can create unfinished look. Go ahead and finish the look by applying one coat of mascara. Curl your lashes before applying eyeliner. Mascara completes the eye makeup and complements your beautiful eyeliner, making eye look brighter and opened.

Along with these Liquid Eyeliner tips and eyeliner mistakes to avoid, you need practice, patience and precision to create Good-looking eyeliner to make our eyes look brighter, wider and cat-eyed.

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