How To Apply Mascara Perfectly Like A Pro – 7 Makeup Tricks

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One swipe of Mascara instantly lifts your eyes. But when done it wrong way, mascara can get your lashes in trouble and takes away the long and luscious lashes look. Fairandglow has compiled 7 Mascara tips and tricks. So, learn how to apply mascara perfectly and get those dramatic long lashes.

1. Look down and avoid the smudge

You may have already experienced the mascara smudge-on-your-lid at times, and removing it without affecting lashes seem an impossible task. So to get it right, all you have to do is look down while applying mascara. Rather than looking at mirror or upward, look downward and this will makes your lashes shift lower and keep them from hitting your lids when you apply mascara.

2. Try out colorful mascara

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Never experimented with Mascara and always tried that Blackest Black? You can always add the color to perk up those tired eyes. Vibrant colors like purple and royal blue mascaras bring out the whites of your eyes better than classic black and helps hide the redness.

3. Baby powder Mascara trick

Are your lashes thin and limp? Worry not, we have a good mascara tips and tricks for it. Apply a coat of blackest black mascara. Let it dry and now dust a little baby powder with a flat shadow brush on lashes. The baby powder will stick to lashes and make them appear thicker. Apply the second coat of mascara for fuller and more voluminous lash look

4. Root-Stamp trick

“Stamping” the root of your lashes with mascara can fill the empty spaces between lashes, and it gives the appearance of eyeliner. This mascara trick helps mascara get darker, fuller lashes. This is how to apply mascara perfectly.

5. Don’t ignore the Bottom Lashes

Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Lengthen the top and bottom lashes with mascara application. For more dramatic look, you can also draw on bottom lashes with a felt-tip black eyeliner.

6. Bend the handles

To reach the hard-to-reach inner corner lashes of the eye, bend the handle of the tube so that it’s perpendicular to the brush. This will allow you to reach the inner corners of the eyes with out poking your nose, at least.

7. Wiggle while you work

Use the wand in a zigzag motion instead of just swiping your spoolie upward. Press the bristles against your upper and then wiggle the brush at the base as you work your way towards extending to the ends. Go from root to tips with the wand and make sure you’ve fully coated each of the lashes.

We hope our makeup tips on how to apply mascara perfectly will make you look bright-eyed and beautiful.

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