How to Care for Hair? 5 Natural Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Hair

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Thick and luxurious hair is not impossible, provided you take natural hair care tips and avoid the hair problems. If you’re searching on how to care for hair, here are the 5 best hair care tips to follow on the way to treat hair, wash and dry hair and the styling tips. Take a look.

1. Work your way up while Brushing

One of the best hair care tips is to choose a paddle brush as it is ideal for pretty much any hair type. Brush your hair starting from the bottom, separating your hair into horizontal sections and brushing each layer working your way up until your strands are silky smooth. Do not forget brush your roots. Brushing your roots with a bamboo or wooden brush will help regulate blood flow in the scalp and cover the streaks of hair with oil from the scalp, as it works as natural conditioner.

2. Don’t brush Wet Hair

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How to care for hair? Be wary of wet hair. You may have heard it already but hair experts say it time and again- Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. It leads to hair breakage as the wetness can weaken the hair shaft. If you’re in a rush, instead of brushing your wet hair, tie it into a low pony using a widetooth comb. The thick plastic prongs are less likely to cause the damage.

3. Protect Hair from Hot Zone

The best natural hair care tips hair experts recommend is to limit your heat styling tools. These heat-emitting tools are dangerous for hair in the long run. The use of hot zone on wet strands can damage your hair badly. Avoid using hot curling iron on your wet hair, as it causes split ends and frizzy hair in the long run. If necessary do not forget to use heat protectant sprays before straightening hair.

4. Oil Massage your Hair

Healthy hair care begins from the scalp, and experts recommend giving special attention to the roots of hair. An oil massage twice a week will actually strengthen your hair, not weight it down. Also massaging daily from roots to tips of hair after detangling can increase the shine as well as promote hair growth. Also follow hair care home remedies by mixing up coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil for controlling hair fall and treat dandruff.

5. Wash Hair brush once a week

Many women wash their makeup brushes regularly but neglect the hair brushes. Wash your hair brushes once a week. The bristles get clogged up from stray hairs and build excess product, and when you use the hair brush the next day on your freshly cleansed hair, you’re actually applying the product residue from the previous day clogged on hair brush. This can lead to hair problems. To clean the hair brushes, run them under warm water and use a shampoo or hand wash and work it into the bristles to create foam and use an old tooth brush to clean them. Set on a towel to dry.

Find out what you’re doing wrong and switch to these Natural Hair care tips that put an end to your query on How to care for hair.

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