Washing Hair with Beer- How to Clean your Hair with Beer

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Is washing hair with Beer a good idea? Learn the beer benefits for hair and How to clean your hair the right way to repair damaged hair, revive volume and control hair fall.

Beer Benefits for Hair

Beer has the ingredients to restore the moisture in your hair and also provide the needed nutrients to hair ends. It stimulates hair growth and work as natural conditioner.

Washing hair with beer improves hair texture and makes it soft and manageable dealing with rough and fizzy hair.

Besides using Beer for Hair growth, the sucrose and maltose sugars in it can add shine and glossiness to the hair taking away the dullness and flatness.

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How to Clean your Hair with Beer?

1. For washing hair with beer, de-carbonate your beer. Pour a bottle or can of beer into a large bowl and leave it overnight. As the beer is exposed to air, it will get oxidize and become flat, by releasing the carbon dioxide it creates. It is vital to release the carbon dioxide from the beer when using it to treat hair, as the presence of it can obstruct the effects of shampoos and make it harder for you to wash your hair effectively.

2. Shampoo your Hair

Here’s the Right way to wash hair with Beer. Use the regular shampoo you use, and follow it with beer rinse that acts as natural conditioner. Transfer the flat beer into a bottle to use in the shower.

3. Massage with Beer Rinse

Pour a little of beer onto the hair and massage your hair for a minute or two. Now pour the remaining quantity of beer onto the hair and lather it onto your scalp. Furthermore, dip the hair ends with beer and let it set in your hair for about 5 minutes. Beer good for hair and face as it helps reduce the sebum production and controls oily skin.

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4. Rinse the Beer

Now rinse the beer off the hair with water and follow it with cold water. Towel dry your hair afterwards and it takes few washes before you see the effects. But make sure you don’t beer wash your hair everyday as it can be very drying.

5. Add ACV to Beer

Apart from using beer as it is for hair rinse, you can also add some essential oils to get rid of the stronger smell or add two spoons of apple cider vinegar to counteract rough or brittle hair to smooth out the scales or cuticles found on each of strand of hair. Rather than commercial vinegar, opt for the raw apple cider vinegar for adding the shine and improving hair texture.

Washing hair with beer makes it shiny, glossier, improves your hair texture by adding volume and promotes hair growth too. We hope the post on How to clean your hair with Beer is helpful.

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