Beauty And Skin Care Benefits Of Mango-How to Get Rid of Acne

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Mango benefits for skin– Women often suffer from several skin issues including acne, spots, blemishes, pimples, skin dryness, redness, pigmentation and even wrinkles due to ageing. While you may have already tried your ways on How to get rid of acne naturally, here are Mango benefits for skin that helps to treat pimples and open pores to impart a fairer look to skin.

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Mango Benefits for Skin

Mangoes are seasonal fruits that has sweet, fresh and less tangy in taste, and provides several benefits to the skin. The essential nutrients and rich source of anti-oxidants helps repair skin cells and promote the blood circulation. Including mangoes can provide you with required vitamins and essential fatty acids in the body, as well as benefit your skin.

How Mango Benefit in Treatment of Pimples

Acne stops gradually when pores are unclogged, and Mangoes containing high amounts of Beta-carotene helps in unclogging the skin pores. Mangoes are also good source of vitamin-A, vitamin-C and fats that has skin brightening properties as well as rejuvenate the skin and improve complexion. Mango packs make your skin flawless, free of acne and blemishes.

How to get rid of acne naturally with Mango Face packs

1. Mango and Yogurt pack

how to get rid of acne naturally

Yogurt is packed with antiseptic and antibacterial properties that evens out the skin and reduces blemishes on regular use. Mixed with mango, the homemade face pack not only clears acne but makes your skin flawless it soft and supple looking.

In a bowl, add 2 teaspoons of mango pulp and 2 teaspoons of curd. Whisk the ingredients well for smooth consistency. Apply homemade face pack gently on face and neck. Wait for 20 minutes to wash with tepid water. Use the pack regularly to make your skin pimple-free. Plus, Mango and Yogurt pack will improve the dull and shallow skin complexion.

2. Mango and Neem Pack

how to get rid of acne naturally

Neem contains anti-bacterial properties that keeps acne at bay and stops re-occurrence of pimples. Both Mango and neem will curb the bacterial growth on skin. You can use directly neem leaves paste or make it powder.

In a bowl add 2 full spoons of mango and Neem paste and mix them well. Apply the pack on acne affected areas and even blemishes. Rinse it off with cold water after 25 minutes or after it gets dried. This is how to get rid of acne naturally.

3. Mango and Turmeric Pack

how to get rid of acne naturally

Turmeric contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties, while mango helps heal acne marks and its occurrence. The pack also helps lighten the skin complexion and soothe sunburns on the face. If you’re looking for pimples on face removal tips, try Mango and Turmeric Pack.

Peel mango and slice out pulp in a bowl and whisk it well using a spoon or whisker. Add a pinch of turmeric to the pack and mix the ingredients well. Apply homemade face pack on clean face using your fingers. Massage it for 20 minutes and wash off with clean water. Follow it up with a moisturizer.

4. Mango and Tea Tree Oil

how to get rid of acne naturally

Tea Tree Oil is not only great for acne or scars, but it’s quite effective in healing cuts quickly. Tea Tree Oil is packed with antibacterial properties that aid in treating skin issues, and mango helps nourish the skin deeply and gives a natural glow.

Peel mango and slice out pulp in a bowl. Whisk it well using a spoon or whisker and add 1 full spoon of tea tree oil in the same bowl and mix the ingredients. Add few drops of lime juice and mix it again. Apply anti pimple mango face mask on your cleansed face and Rinse it with water after 30 minutes.

Indulge your skin to homemade face packs to get the Mango benefits for skin and if you’re worrying on How to get rid of acne naturally.

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