How to Get Rid of Flyaway Hair or Baby Hair?

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What to use for flyaway hair? Tackle your pesky flyaways and frizzy baby hair with these hair styling tips that are easier to follow. So, get the polished look by managing the flyaway hair with these Cool Hair tips and Tricks.

1. Hair Conditioner

Pick an anti-frizz shampoo, as it contains moisturizing agents and protects against hair dryness. While shampooing, focus on cleaning your scalp and not drying out your ends. Condition your hair whenever you use shampoo. The process keeps your hair from drying thus preventing into flyaways and split ends.

2. Olive Oil or Almond Oil

flyaway hair

Using few drops of olive oil or almond oil on the flyaway hair will set it and hold the hair in place. Apply the oil after tying the hair.

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3. Lip balm

Use Lip balm as fly away hair remedy. Tame those stray hairs using the lip balms that functions similar as the lotion. Using your fingers, apply a small amount of lip balms on the baby hairs to stop the hair and avoid a greasy effect.

4. Hand Lotion

flyaway hair

For Flyaway hair on top of head, apply hand lotion to your hands as you do normally and run palms over your hair gently and lightly to give it some moisture. Ensure you use a non-greasy lotion.

5. Ice-cubes

flyaway hair

Try the ice cube trick for your flyaway hair. All you need to do is to run an ice cube over any hair that’s acting up, and this works as the cold water helps in retaining moisture and help controlling it.

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6. Toothbrush

Worried what to use for flyaway hair that are super annoying. Keep a baby tooth brush and spray some hair spray and then comb the flyaway hair with it. This helps those flyaways get tied down for another few hours.

7. Hair Dryer

Use hair spray to tame those flyaways. . Blow the air downwards and gently comb the hair into the hair to set them in place for a while. In addition, you can wet your hands and run the fingers through the baby hair and set it with rest of the hair.

So get rid of the flyaway hair or baby hair with these 7 Cool Hair Tips and Tricks. You can also try out the hair smoothing serum.

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