How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair? 5 Tips

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You are likely to have oily hair, when your hair gets greasy and oily within a day or two after washing hair. Excessive oil production is the reason behind oily hair and it may happened due to factors like heredity, hormonal changes, stress, eating excess oily foods and poor hair care. Take a look at ways on How to get rid of greasy hair?

1. Wash Hair Three Times a Week

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Cleaning hair with right care and right products is essential for hair care. People with oily hair need to wash their hair three times a week. Shampooing every other day can strip the hair off natural oils and leads to increase in oil production.

2. Choose Proper Shampoos

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How to get rid of greasy hair? Opt for shampoos that suit oily hair and choose the most ideal one by trying out different ones. Alternatively, ask your hairdresser to recommend the shampoos or pick hair shampoos with higher PH. Clarifying shampoos on the other hand can reduce buildup of oil, though they are recommended only once each month.

3. Rinse the Hair

Ensure you rinse your hair thoroughly, once you are done with shampooing the hair. As a part of oily hair treatment, you can dilute a bit of lemon juice or white vinegar in a cup of water and rinse it with it. Use lukewarm water.

4. Avoid Conditioners

If you’re washing your hair three times a week, the natural oil can itself condition your hair. Using conditioner every time you wash can make the hair greasy faster. So, avoid conditioners that can be damaging if you’re looking for how to get rid of greasy hair.

5. Dry Shampoos

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If you’re searching for ways on how to stop greasy hair, try Dry shampoos. They come in a scented powder form which helps to strip the hair of the excess and leave it looking grease free and fresh. Spray on the hair for immediate effect and use it before washing your hair as this is when your hair is most greasy. Alternatively, you can use Talcum powder and baking soda as dry shampoo alternatives for treatment for oily hair.

These 5 tips will act as oily hair treatment and resolves your queries on How to get rid of greasy hair and help you get better management of the Hair

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