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Mehndi has been an age old tradition in many Asian and Persian countries, and women opt for several designs to decorate their hands and feet to usually mark special occasions. Many relate the color of mehndi as a parameter of love, and when the resultant colour is not enough it can be disappointing. Here are 8 tips on How to make Mehndi Darker.

1. Wash your Palms before applying

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Before applying Mehndi, wash your hands and feet with soap. Ensure you don’t apply any creams or lotions as eliminating layers of products on skin can make Mehndi design get naturally a darker shade.

2. Eucalyptus Oil

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This has been one of the ancient tips for mehndi darkening. After washing your hands and feet apply few drops of eucalyptus oil. This helps in darkening the color, as well as protects your skin from any allergies.

3. Allow Mehndi to Dry Naturally

Don’t shake your hands or use a blow dryer, and allow your Mehndi to naturally dry. Blow drying can smudge your design and spoil the entire time you invested. Let it take its own course of time for it to dry and the output will be best. Also don’t sit in the sun while applying Mehndi.

4. Keep Mehndi for a Longer Time

Keep the mehndi on your palms and feet for as long as you can, possibly overnight. Do not wash it off with water, instead scrape it out by rubbing your palms together till the crumbs fall off. The color gets darkened within hours.

5. Smoke from Heated Cloves

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The Smoke from heated cloves helps darken mehndi. Put some cloves in an iron pan and turn the heat, allow the smoke coming from the cloves come in contact with Mehndi. Hold your hands out until you can bear the heat. This is how to make mehndi darker.

6. Lemon and Sugar

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Apply a mix of Lemon juice and Sugar to your hands after mehndi is dried up. Dab a cotton ball and dip into the solution and apply it very lightly for twice or thrice. Don’t go overboard as it may smudge the mehndi

7. Apply Vicks or Pickle oil

After removing Mehndi, do not immediately wash your hands with water, as it will wash away the top layer of the mehndi and not allow the colour to really penetrate deep. Instead use Vicks or some pickle oil on your hands. This remedy is known to darken the Mehndi shade.

8. Complete Beauty Treatments before Mehndi

Complete the entire waxing, pedicure and manicure and other beauty appointments before Mehndi. Otherwise, it will scrape off the top layer of the mehndi and not get the desired result. Ensure you apply Mehndi in advance, preferably 2 days before the occasion for the best colour.

We hope these 8 mehndi tips for hands will put an end to your search on how to make mehndi darker. Get more beauty tips on

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