Genius Tricks To Make Your Eyes Brighter with Makeup

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There are plenty of eye makeup steps on How to make your Eyes brighter with Makeup, if you’ve not so bigger and bright eyes. So without much delay, checkout these tips for bright eye makeup

1. Conceal Dark Circles

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For any makeup look, the base is important, especially concealing dark circles and even out your skin with perfect foundation is important. Use concealer designed for the under eye area to cover up dark patches and ensure you chose a product that doesn’t crease and stays on for longer hours. The key step here is the right blending.

2. Go for Shimmer

Add a touch of shimmer to eyes for sparkling and brightening effect. Choose an eye shadow close to your skintone and apply it to the upper lid and outline the inner corners of your eye. This will brighten up your eyes and make them look bigger.

3. Colored Eyeliners

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Another tip on How to make your Eyes brighter with Makeup is using colored eyeliners. Experiment with Green, blue eyeliners instead of the regular black/brown liners. They complement quite well with the whites of your eyes and can make your eyes look bigger. Colored Eyeliners also work well with bright eye makeup look.

4. Contour your Eyes with Eyeshadow

One of the best eye makeup steps is to extend the eyeshadow to just above the crease when you apply the eyeshadow to crease. Blend it in well, and the subtle shadow on your crease creates an illusion of the bigger and brighter eyes. Also experiment with bold eyeshadow that grabs your attention to your eyes.

5. Focus on Inner Corners of Eyes

How to make eyes whiter? Lighten the inner corners of eyes by creating a brightened and opened look. Apply the cream coloured eyeshadow straight to the inner corners of the eyes and apply the Apply white eyeshadow to the inner third of your eye, and this will give a brightened and more open look.

6. Keep the rest of your Makeup Neutral

For bright eye makeup look, keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Draw the attention to your eyes by opting for bold eye makeup look while choose a nude or natural looking lipstick and subtle highlighter. This will make your eyes the centre of attention and make your eyes appear brighter.

7. False Eyelashes

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False Eyelashes are one of the latest eye makeup tips. Long eye lashes are no longer a dream. Fake it with the False Eyelashes that comes in a range of colors, styles, and lengths. So, you can opt for natural or glam and glittery eye lashes that really make huge difference to your perfect eye makeup.

8. Try out Colorful Mascara

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Always tried that Blackest Black Mascara? It’s time to experiment if you’re looking for ways on how to make your eyes brighter. You can always add the color to perk up those tired eyes. Vibrant colors like purple and royal blue mascaras bring out the whites of your eyes better than classic black and helps hide the redness and make eyes whiter.

We hope our article on how to make your eyes brighter is useful. Follow these eye makeup steps to get the perfect bright eye makeup look.

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