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Learning right Makeup tips and tricks and can help change the appearance of your face. Yes, a bit of face contouring with right tools and products along with few tricks helps your face appear thinner and slimmer than it actually is. Here’s how to make your face look thinner with Makeup.

1. Contouring

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Learn good contouring tricks, as it definitely take years off your face and make your face look more defined and slim. Contouring is one of the best makeup tips for women as it lifts your eyes, enhances the best features and defines your face. It’s not difficult to contour, and all you need to do is create a contrast between light and shadow. Let the sides of your face recede into the background by making it darker and enhance the features that you want to highlight by making them lighter.

2. Fill in the eyebrows

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Another best tip on how to make your face look thinner is with thicker and well-defined brows that help balance out the round face by stretching it vertically. Make your face look slimmer by filling in your brows following the natural arch with feather like strokes. Choose an eyebrow pencil or shade slightly darker than your natural brow to slim down your face appearance.

3. Focus on Eye Makeup

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Emphasize on your eye makeup and try to make them more noticeable and bigger. This is how to make your face thinner. Adding light colour to the inner corners of your eyes and highlighting brow bone, adding mascara can enhance your eye and make your face look slimmer.

4. Highlight your bone structure with shimmer

Add more definition to your face by highlighting your bone structure and this helps your face look slimmer. All you have to do is use a lightweight shimmery powder along the lines of your cheekbones to make your face look slim than it actually is.

5. Highlighter at centre of your face

Start contouring your temples and sides of your forehead as it helps in slimming down the width of your head. Highlight the centre of your forehead, under your eyes and end of chin to create more shape. Contour your cheekbones to slim down the middle section of your face, and give your chin the needed shape by contouring your jaw line.

6. Thin your chin with Bronzer

After blending the face counter, thin out your jawline. Here are the Makeup tips and tricks. Apply the same bronzer shade on along your jawline, and sweep it into your neckline, and it will make your chin look slimmer. Blend the bronzer well and you will never have a double chin in Pics.

7. Make your nose smaller

Make nose smaller without surgery. Yes, fake a smaller nose by swiping the contour powder on both the sides of your nose and blend it. Follow it by applying highlighter down the bridge of your nose in a vertical line and blend it.

8. Natural Lips

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When you go for bolder eyes, tone down your lips with a natural shade lipstick to balance out. Fuller lips and bold lips can make your face look larger. So, opt for nude or natural light gloss to keep things neutral and subtle.

9. Blush and Highlight

Apply soft shade blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend outward in a circular motion. To make your face appear glowing, grab a highlighter and dust it on the top of your cheekbones, down your nose, Cupid’s bow above your upper lip and in the center of your chin. This makeup trick will enhance your features and downplay the width of your face

10 Focus on Forehead

Focusing on the bone structure of your forehead is how to make your face look thinner with makeup. Apply and blend in the contour powder along the hairline and into the temples. This will define the bone structure and emphasize on high points.

Learnt how to make your face look thinner with makeup? Don’t forget to follow these Makeup tips and tricks next time you get ready!

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