Best Eyeliner Tips and Tricks-How to put on Liquid Eyeliner

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May the wings of your eyeliner be always even! The quote says it all, isn’t it? It’s difficult to apply eyeliner like a pro and in few seconds. How to put on liquid eyeliner? If you’re a starter follow these Eyeliner tips and tricks to get the perfect winged eyeliner look.

1. High-quality Eyeliners

Invest in good quality eyeliners as the key to a sharp, bold line is a fine point felt tip. Also don’t forget to replace them often as when you keep using it overtime, the tip can get flatten, dull, and begin to distribute the ink unevenly. As the ink get thinner overtime, it becomes impossible to get the even wing.

2. Tape Method

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Apply liquid eyeliner using the tape method, which is one of the best eyeliner tips and tricks. Follow this shortcut method to get that amazing cat eye wing. All you have to do is take a piece of tape and loosen some of the stickiness on the back of your hand. Now, apply it from the lower water line, outwards towards the temple. The top edge of tape should be the bottom line of your wing. Now create your wing by drawing the liquid eyeliner using the tape as a guideline. Remove the tape once you’re done and you’ll get the flawless sharp wing.

3. Spoon Method

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If you’re looking for other easier tips on how to put on liquid eyeliner, here’s the spoon method, which is similar to tape method with slight differences. Hold the spoon against your cheekbone, under the eye, and pointing outwards toward your temple, and how you want your eyeliner. Use the top curve of the spoon to be the bottom of your wing and apply the eyeliner to get that more natural arch.

4. Start Small

How to apply eyeliner? The best eyeliner tips for starters is to start with a thinner line than you’d like to end up with , and then build the liner slowly. This will help you have more control to adjust when you get those uneven squiggles and bumps, and get even look on both eyes.

5. Anchor your hand and Breathe!

Have shaky hands? This can be common occurrence for many of us. All you have to do is to use the base of your wrist and side of your palm as an anchor against your face, when applying the eyeliner. It creates anchor effect and will steady the line you draw and ensure in an effortlessly straight line. Another simple tip is to take a deep breath in and then out, just before you are able to touch the felt tip to your eyelid. This will relax you enough and let you have that steady hand to make your eyeliner come out sleek and smooth.

6. Concealer Trick

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Do not worry when you get the bumps or uneven edges. There’s a secret eraser that saves you much time rather than removing the entire eyeliner again and starting over. It’s the concealer. Use your concealer with a fine tipped brush to outline your wing, and this will straighten the line and creates the sharp contrast.

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7. Practice makes Perfect

Practice, practice and practice to get that perfect cat eye winged eyeliner besides following these eyeliner tips and tricks. No one is good at liquid eyeliners in the beginning, practicing it daily can make you an expert at even the sharpest of liquid lines. Try your hand at a felt-tip wing daily and eventually your hard work will pay off

Follow these eyeliner tips and tricks to put an end to your search on How to put on liquid eyeliner. Apply liquid eyeliner to create the perfect cat-eye or winged liner look with the mentioned eyeliner tips.

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