How to Shape Eyebrows with Tweezers?

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Well-shaped eyebrows define your face and they make you beautiful and exotic looking. While there are lots of eyebrow boutiques providing the threading and waxing service, you can also trim or tame your eyebrows and shape them just by using a good pair of tweezers. Here’s How to shape eyebrows with tweezers. Follow these eyebrow shaping tips.

Things Required

  • A pair of tweezers with slant edge
  • Magnifying Mirror
  • Spoolie Brush
  • Washcloth/ Cotton balls
  • Small scissors
  • eyebrow pencil

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Before starting to shape the eyebrows, take these necessary steps.

Ensure you’re not wearing any makeup and start with a cleansed and exfoliated skin. If you have very sensitive skin, just rub an ice cube or apply a numbing gel onto the area around your brows to limit the pain.

Alternatively, you can tweezers your brows right after taking a hot shower, as it helps making the hairs softer and open the follicles, making it easier.

With a spoolie brush, brush your brow hair upwards and a little outwards, and using a small scissor, cut the hair that goes beyond the natural shape of the eyebrow.

Stand in the natural light before the magnifying mirror with a pair of slanted tweezers.

Keep your tweezers in good condition by sharpening them in regular intervals or wiping them with alcohol.

10 Steps for Shaping Eyebrows

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  1. Using an eyebrow pencil mark the natural shape of your brows. Find out the two points from which you should start your tweezing and end it.
  2. Hold eyebrow pencil so that the front of the brow should align with the upper bridge of your nose and mark the point where it meets the inner corner of the brow. So this should be the start point of your brows.
  3. Use your pencil holding it slant the side of your nose and line it up with the external edge of the eye. Mark the point where it meets outer corner of the brow. The tail should end at this point.
  4. Place the eyebrow pencil slightly crosswise from the side of your nose again and line it up with the exterior of your iris. Keep a mark at the points at which it meets the outer as well as inner edges of the brow, which should be the top and bottom arch shape.
  5. Join the marked points to get the desired eye brow shape, and use a spoolie brush to coax hairs up for lift and volume. Repeat the steps for other eyebrow.
  6. Fill in your brows so that you don’t over pluck them. Use the slant-tipped tweezers to start plucking the brow hairs from the underside of the brow that do not fall inside the shape. Stretch skin tight and pluck the undesired hairs in the direction of their growth by grasping one by one.
  7. Begin tweezing hairs from the underside of the brow, and shape the arch precisely. Step back from mirror periodically to check the brow shape.
  8. While you move to the corners of the brow, take extra care to pluck the hair. Ensure you clean up the area between the beginnings of your two brows.
  9. Make the skin smooth by tweezing out stray hairs. Repeat it for other eyebrow.
  10. Rub an ice cube or some Aloe Vera gel to soothe the area around eyebrows.

So follow these Steps for Shaping Eyebrows and Eyebrow shaping Tips to get that perfect well-shaped and defined brows. We hope our article on How to shape eyebrows with tweezers is helpful.

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