Good Makeup Tips on How to take a Makeup Selfie

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Selfies have become part of our daily lives ever since the introduction of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking websites or ever since the front camera phones are launched. Not only the angles or the shots, but your pose and the makeup that you wear are equally important for perfect selfie. Here are 10 Good Makeup tips on how to take a makeup selfie. Take a look.

1. Say No to Sunblock

Sunblock can ruin a selfie, as titanium oxide or zinc oxide in physical sunblocks can show up on cameras. However wear a chemical sunscreen if you’re heading outside or re-apply physical sunblock as soon as you click the pics.

2. Matte Makeup

Opt for matte makeup as it looks better in a selfie. Shimmery and glittery makeup can look like more of sheen in photographs. Choose matte whenever possible, as glare can reflect back into the lenses of the camera and highlight the features of your face making them look quite bigger. Avoid shimmer as it can make it look like you have oily face. Stick to matter makeup look.

3. Primer to even out Skin

Use a primer to even out skin and hide the imperfections that camera can pick. Primer also helps to make the foundation look smoother and natural, as well as act as protective layer between your makeup and your skin, preventing the products from clogging.

4. Blend in the Concealer

Opt for a full-coverage, long-lasting concealer if you have dark circles under your eyes. Apply it under the eyes, center of your forehead, and to conceal the blemishes, spots and pimples on your face. Make sure you blend the product quite well or it will show in cameras as thick and cakey look around eyes.

5. Avoid Pastel Colors

Pastel colors may make you look washed out in a photo. Instead choose bold, darker colours on your eyes, and your eye makeup can dramatically change the way you look. However, ensure you’re comfortable with whatever you opt for.

6. Yellow Tinted Face Powder

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Use a Yellow tinted face powder when taking the selfies. Several powders have fine shimmers and can cause the light eflect from your face. This can make your face look washed out in pics. This is one of the best selfie tips.

7. Emphasize on Eye Makeup

Make your eye the focal point of the photo by opting for bold dramatic eye makeup looks. Using a lengthening and volumizing mascara opens up your eyes and draw people to look at them. A light shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and under browbone will also let more of the light get into your eyes, making them effective makeup tips and tricks on How to take a makeup selfie.

8. Check your Brows

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One of our Good Makeup tips for a perfect selfie is to ensure your eyebrows are well trimmed and filled in the sparse areas with eyebrow pencil or row powder. Cameras tend to tone down the features on your face, so opt for slightly darker shade of eyebrow pencil than you normally use, when you’re taking a selfie.

9. Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter

Cameras can wash out your face and this will not do any good to enhance your features. So, use bronzer, blush and highlighter to define the shape of your face and highlight your best features. One of the best makeup tips for a selfie is to opt for natural looking makeup. Use little products at a time be it blush, bronzer or highlighter and build the layers checking the results between each application. Too much blush or bronzer can look bad in selfies.

10 Check Makeup in Natural light

Good Makeup tips or Selfie tips also include applying makeup in natural light. If that is not possible, go to a window and check your makeup application once in a while. This is because indoor lighting is very harsh and when you apply makeup under artificial lighting, you might apply more product than you require.

We hope these makeup tips and tricks have put an end to your search on How to take a makeup selfie. What are your favourite selfie tips? Share it with us below.

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