10 Genius Lipstick Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

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Looking for beauty hacks and Makeup tips? The right lipstick will make you look extremely gorgeous, regardless of your skill level. However, learning some lipstick hacks can help you get that fabulous pout all day. Take a look at these 10 Latest Lipstick Hacks that might come handy.

1. Prime Your Lips

Have you ever wondered why your lips are so dry after applying lipstick? The key here is exfoliating lips and moisturization which is best beauty hack. Before application of lipstick, use a lip scrub to exfoliate lips and apply a lip balm or shea butter before applying the lipstick, which will ensure you a smooth application. There are also lip primers available in market to prime your lips.

2. Lip Liner Provides Base

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One of the best makeup tips from makeup artists is lining your lips with a lip liner to define shape and sharp edges to your lips. It also provides the base to your lipstick application. For fuller lip creation, draw your lip liner slightly outside the natural line, and fill in the whole lip blending in necessary. Ensure the color doesn’t bleed onto the skin after the application.

3. Apply Lipstick with a Brush

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We understand you can’t always carry a lip brush around to apply lipstick. But once in a while, try applying your lipstick using a small concealer or lip brush, and you will know it offers great accuracy and control. Applying lipstick with a lipbrush will also make it last longer with even coverage.

4. Apply concealer to Smooth Edges

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This is one of the best lipstick hacks that makeup artists follow. It helps in ensuring smooth, crisp lines of lips. After lipstick application, use a concealer and a fine-tipped brush to fix the imperfections at the corners and lines.

5. Set with Translucent Powder

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One of the effective beauty hacks is to set your lipstick with translucent powder Apply the lipstick and blot it with a tissue paper. Now brush on some loose or translucent powder, and apply second layer of lipstick over it to lock in your color. These lipstick tips will help your lip color last longer from morning to night.

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6. Lipstick as Blush

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Lipstick can be a versatile and multitasking product. Apply your lipstick on to your cheeks as a blush. Simply dot and Blend it with your finger like you do it for the cream blush. You can also use it as an eye shadow. However, apply the product in moderation, and build up layers as needed. Follow these multistasking lipstick hacks to save time and money.

7. DIY Lipstick with Eye Shadow

Make your own lipstick with an eye shadow and Vaseline. For DIY Lipstick, take broken eye shadow color of your choice, and mix in a small bowl. Add Vaseline to create the lipstick you wanted to get the desired consistency.

8. Fix up Broken Lipstick

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Upset with your luxurious lipstick broken? You can still reform it and apply. Either Melt or simply crush the lipstick into the pot and apply it with a lip brush or you can also reform the broken bullet by heating the ends for few seconds and then fixing it into the bullet. Heat wit with a lighter to fix it, and Place it in your freezer for an hour to seal it.

9. Try ombré lipstick for fuller lips

For Ombre effect of lips, pick two shades of lipsticks. Work inwards with the darker shade of two lip colors. At the center of the upper and lower lip, add lighter shaded lipstick and try to blend them two together. Blot with tissue and set it with powder. For fuller lips, add gloss to the center of the lips.

10. Avoid lipstick on teeth

Getting lipstick on teeth is quite embarrassing. While blotting the lipstick with a tissue can be an effective makeup tip, we have another fix. After applying the lipstick, Pop your clean finger in your mouth, wrap your lips around it and pull it out, for avoiding all the access of getting any stains on your teeth.

We hope you can make use of these easy low-maintenance lipstick hacks for getting the perfect fierce Lips you are wishing for. For more beauty hacks and makeup tips, do visit us at Fairandglow.com

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