How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup – 10 Eye Makeup Tips

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Women often try to find tips on how to Make your eyes look bigger and eye makeup for small eyes, to achieve that illusion of bigger eyes. Following are 10 eye makeup tips that resolve your queries on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup. Take a look.

1. How to get the eye enlarging makeup look? Apply a light shimmery eyeshadow preferably a white or shimmery champagne color in the inner corner of your eyes, when you do eye makeup. This can instantly open up your eyes making your eye look bigger.

2. An age-old yet effective beauty secret for eye makeup for small eyes is to apply dark brown or grey eye shadow on outer corner of eyes creating enlarged V look. Stretching it a bit more than the than the natural outer corner of eye with the help of fluffy brush can make your eyes look bigger than they actually are.

3. Another eye makeup trick to make eyes standout is to apply a highlighting eye shadow, preferably a light shimmery eye shadow under your brow bone. This will give an illusion of facelift and make the eyes appear awake.

4. Go for a dark color eye liner- Applying a eye liner of dark color be it thick black or electric blue will make it appear bigger. Use liquid eyeliner of pencil eyeliner on upper lash line, and extend it further than the natural outer corner of eye to make them look bigger and awake.

5. Curl those eyelashes to apply mascara for instantly making them look bigger. Invest in a good eyelash curler and start curling eye lashes lose to the roots, then make another pinch in the middle of your eyelashes to get that really longer eye lashes look.

6. Well-groomed eyebrows- Defining your eyebrows not only make your eyes standout but they define your whole face. Well-groomed eyebrows make a huge difference to the way your entire face looks.

7. Looking for eye makeup for small eyes? The interesting trick is to smudge your eye pencil. Line your upper lash line with a dark eye pencil. Take a smudging eye brush and very lightly create dark eye pencil. Follow the similar trick on the lower lash line as well around your eyes, making them appear bigger.

8. Create the illusion of bigger eyes by applying white or nude eyeliner on the waterline. This instantly brightens up your face and Make your eyes look bigger. The eye makeup tip makes you look more awake.

9. For a smoky eye makeup tutorial, the key is good blending. Get the beautiful gradient effect using multiple eye shadows. Use one eye shadow brush to apply the color, and use another to create the smoky eye effect.

10. A lengthening Mascara- Apply two coats of lengthening Mascara for an eye enlarging makeup look. Apply a coat of mascara and let it dry. Then apply the second coat to get that volume. Alternatively, you can also play with false eyelashes to get the effect.

Make your eyes look bigger with these 10 Eye Makeup Tips to achieve the illusion of bigger eyes and stay gorgeous…

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