Makeup Facts- Know your Lipstick Ingredients

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Lipsticks are most women’s favorite makeup product but have you ever wondered What is lipstick made of or ingredients in lipstick? Stats reveal that an average woman will ingest five pounds of lipstick into their body every year including some harmful ingredients. Here are some of the lipstick ingredients and the makeup facts about them.

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1. Castor oil, beeswax and other waxes

The main ingredients of lipsticks are not all bad, and some of them are perfectly harmless, including the Castor oil, beeswax and other waxes that account to 90% of the product. Few ingredients however can include harmful toxics and you don’t want to include them.

2. Squished bugs

Red lipsticks involve pigments that are made from crushed bugs, particularly the cochineal bug to say. Cochineal bugs on Cacti are boiled in a sodium carbonate solution or boiled in ammonia and this helps in acquiring the redness. It is then dried to form powder to add to the lipsticks.

3. Fish scales

Shimmery lipsticks are beautiful when applied. The shimmer ingredients in lipstick are from the scales of fish. The scientists are yet to find the cost economic way in recreating the deep red of a cochineal bug or the shimmer of fish scale.

4. Lead

Use of lead in lipsticks has been banned, after it was found to cause to neurological problems. Now the lead isn’t added to lipsticks deliberately but the traces of lead are added with other ingredients, found in a study conducted in 2009

5. Chilli powder

Chilli powder is another Lipstick ingredients commonly used. The Capsaicin in chillies and hot peppers are used in Lip plumping lipsticks, as they make your lips swell a bit to create the fuller lips effect. The ingredients can act as a mild skin irritant but not harmful though.

6. Methylparaben

Methylparabens are preservatives that can be absorbed by the skin quickly, and is linked to the increased risk of cancer. They are also disruptive to the endocrine system. Methylparaben is banned for use in European countries, but are still allowed in other countries.

7. Propylparaben

Parabens are considered to disturb the hormonal system, particularly Propylparaben that are often found in the ingredients in lipstick can lead to skin irritations and allergic reactions.

8. Tocopherol Acetate

Tocopherol Acetate is cheaper alternative for natural Vitamin E and since it lasts longer, cosmetic companies use it, despite being considered to be a moderate hazard. It may cause skin irritation and in severe cases blistering.

9. Retinyl Palmitate

Another one of the ingredients in lipstick that we often come across is Retinyl Palmitate which is used as an alternative to Vitamin A. While Retinyl Palmitate was earlier referred as moderately hazardous, medical experts have found that it increases the risks of cancer and is linked to sterility in women.

10. Organic or Natural Lipsticks

If you’re quite concerned about the Makeup facts of traces of dangerous chemicals in lipsticks, you can opt for Organic or paraben-free lipsticks manufactured by several brands. If you’re lipsticks contains the traces of chemicals, use them in moderation.

Now that you learnt the Makeup facts of lipstick ingredients and What is lipstick made of, get that perfect pout choosing the right lipstick with lesser harming ingredients.

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