Best Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

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Hazel eyes are not just unique but they are beautiful as well with a combination of different tones and changing colors too. So here are the 10 Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes that helps your eyes pop.

1. Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes


Women with Hazel Eyes can actually try out several shades of eye shadows, be it subtle natural skin color or vibrant purples or shimmery golds. No matter you choose bold colors or soft shades, you can make your hazel eyes look emphasized. The only colors that may not work are blue-grey ones.

2. Colored Eyeliners


While most of the women go for safe route with a black liner, hazel eyed women can afford to experiment with colors. Try colored eyeliners that can make your eyes look in different tone. Choosing deep purple eyeliner can make your eyes look blue, while opting for a taupe, gold, green or brown can make your green eyes pop.

3. Best Lipsticks for Hazel Eyes

Let you lip color complement your gorgeous hazel eyes makeup and not overpower it. If you’re opting for vibrant purples or copper or shimmery golds to highlight the eyes, opt for mauve, coral, red, pink or berry colors on the lips.

4. Eye Makeup Ideas

Golden eyeshadow colors and gold shimmers are the best eye makeup tips for hazel eyes. A touch of gold shimmer in eyeshadows will accentuate green or gold flecks in your eyes beautifully.

5. Caramel Colors for Hazel Eyes

To accentuate your beautiful eye color, work with beige and caramel eyeshadows together or use them as eye liners. The mix of beige and caramel shades works beautiful with hazel eyes and highlights the green tint of your eyes.

6. Lavender Eyeshadows

Lavender or Plum tones of eyeshadows look great on green eyes. If you’re looking for eyeshadow for blue eyes and eyeshadow for hazel eyes, try out these eye makeup ideas as they bring out the green in your wonderful hazel eyes making them even more attractive.

7. Don’t forget Mascara


One of the best Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes is to opt for color mascara. Black is not the only option, try some dark brown or purple mascara to bring attention to your eyes. But first use an eyelash curler.

8. Get the Bronzer

Makeup is not complete without bronzer. Sweep a bronzer across your forehead, cheekbones and nose to accentuate the color of your hazel eyes and to bring some definition to your face. Choose a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone and blend it in.

9. Swap Eye Makeup Colors

Hazel eyes can look different from day to day. When your eyes have more of a brown hue than green, you can use brown shades from lightest to the darkest, to dramatically draw attention to your eyes.

10. Avoid Blue Eyeshadow

Women with hazel eyes must avoid too much of blue eyeshadow. If your eyes are more brown than they are green, then opt for blue eyeshadow else avoid blues.

Hope these 10 Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes are useful. Have more hazel eyes makeup ideas? Do share it with us in the comments section below.

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