Best Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

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Trouble with Oily Skin? When your skin possess oily skin, you forehead, cheeks, chin and even nose gets oily, and the skin type is prone to acne. However, there is lots of Makeup Tips for Oily Skin to treat the skin type and control the oily look. Checkout 7 Oily skin makeup tips below…

1. Prime your Skin

Primer helps even out your skin for makeup application, as well as act as protective layer between your makeup and your skin, preventing the products from clogging. Ensure you are not going for silicone-based primers as oily skin tends to be very sensitive and silicone-based products can cause allergic reactions to oily skin causing acne. Opt for primers with salicylic acid to fight against acne.

2. Foundation Formula

Oily skinned beauties, looks for mattifying and long wear formulas designed for to combat shine. Try avoiding cushion compacts and anything with the word luminous. For the foundation application, use a foundation brush or blending sponge. Add foundation to areas that need more coverage, but avoid the cakey look.

3. Use Powder

Setting your foundation or concealer with a compact powder helps getting rid of the shine. Both loose powder and pressed powder works on oily skin, but loose powder is way more preferable, as it helps soak up more oil. Avoid using shimmer based powders, as it makes your skin more shiny and greasy. Also use a blotting paper throughout the day to get rid of the excess oil.

4. Matte Blushes

Opt for Matte Blushes instead of shimmer ones when you have oily skin. Makeup tends to get melted easily on oily skin, and cream based shimmer blushes make you look like a walking disco ball in hot climates. If you wanted to opt for cream blush, ensure you set it properly by applying a translucent powder.

5. Mineral Makeup

If you’re looking for Makeup Tips for Oily Skin, try Mineral Makeup. With inorganic minerals that are oil-free, mineral makeup contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that act as natural sunscreens and prevents growth of bacteria, making them the ideal makeup for oily skin protecting from acne. Mineral based Makeup products also prevent the makeup from oxidizing thus helping it stay longer.

6. Oil-Control Setting Spray

Applying layers of products can make your face look cakey. While Oily skin makeup tip is to use minimum layers of products, it is also suggested to opt for Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray to control oil, combat shine and help makeup stay put for long hours. Try applying minimum products on skin.

7. Oil-Free Makeup remover

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Invest in a good Oil-Free Makeup remover and use a gentle cleanser and toner before applying the makeup. Remember it’s easier to apply makeup when you have clear and glowing skin.

Don’t bother if you have oily skin! Make sure you follow these 7 Makeup Tips for Oily Skin to get that fresh and flawless look.

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