Best Long Lasting Foundation Trick – How to Make Foundation Last All Day

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Having hard time in keeping your makeup look fresh all day long? Here are the best Makeup tips and tricks for long lasting foundation?

1. Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliate skin twice a week or it can lead to acne and premature aging. Applying foundation on dry skin can accentuate flakiness, and the product will sit on the top of your face instead of blending in and it will make you look much older.

2. Moisturize your Skin

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When you cleanse and exfoliate, the essential oils get stripped off and Moisturiser will replenish them and nourish your skin. Along with your face and neck, moisturize your elbows, heels, knees, hands and feet. Use a moisturized water-based if you have oily skin, and use a cream-based one if you have dry skin.

3. Do not Skip the Primer

“Taking the necessary steps to prime the skin for makeup application is one of the biggest opportunities you have to impact your application,” say makeup artists. Apply a skin primer after the moisturizer and before the long wear foundation to create a smoother, hydrated surface that’ll help keep the makeup for longer hours.

4. Use the right applicator

There are several ways you can apply the foundation, applying with your hands, foundation flat brush, kabuki brush or beauty blender. Beauty blenders apply coverage evenly and soak up the excess foundation. So opt for any applicators you are comfortable with.

5. Less is Best

Squeezing excess foundation and applying it is not ideal, as it can cause your glands to produce more oil and your skin may look patchy or caked up. Apply the long wear foundation to the center of your face, as those are the areas that need more coverage. Also blending is the key. Blend outwards and ensure your skin still looks natural in the areas that require less makeup to make it look dewy and glowing.

6. Setting powder

One of the best makeup tips and tricks is to set the foundation with translucent loose powder or a compact once you’re satisfied with your foundation application to get the natural and flawless look. This is also the key for long lasting foundation. Translucent powders help skin glow and take down shine, and keep the makeup in place especially in the T-zone of the face (on your forehead, nose, inner cheeks, and chin)

7. Layering

If you’re dealing with the blemishes and acne, layering your makeup can achieve the flawless look. Layer your foundation and concealer and apply evenly so that full coverage is achieved. Add little more foundation in troubled areas and even out the application.

8. Choose the right foundation shade

Wearing a wrong foundation shade, say a shade lighter than their match make women look flat and lifeless, while a shade darker can make them look heavy and aged. So, get the foundation that matches your skin. Always test your foundation on your jaw line in day lights, and if it disappears into the skin, it’s the right shade for you. Don’t forget to wear foundation on neck along with your face.

9. Setting spray

Now that you followed these foundation tips, and other makeup tips and trick, the final step should be the setting spray. Yes, finish the makeup with a setting spray. It is significant, as this will keep everything stay in place all day long without melting and will give you a little extra glow.

10. Don’t touch

You’ve worked hard enough with exfoliation, moisturizer, primer, foundation, powder set, and layering. Do not spoil your effort by touching your face often. Try to avoid resting your face on your hands to avoid the bacteria, wrinkles and smudging.

These 10 Makeup tips and tricks for long lasting foundation are absolute time-savior and helps your foundation last longer. Don’t forget to follow these foundation tips

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