Best 3 Ways to Make Matte Nail Polish

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Clean and painted nails add glamour to your personality. If you’re looking to flaunt trendy nails, try out the new MATTE Nail Polish look which is not only easier but can bring out your creativity. Follow these easy steps to make your own Matte Nail Polish– DIY

We know your question on why should you opt for Matte Nail Polish. For one, the Matte paint can be a right choice if you are not fond of the glossy effect. It also gives a classy look without sheen and is more durable and long lasting than glossy options. Finally, your creative nail arts look better on matte nail polish, suitable for all occasions, be it for a formal event or a night party.

How to Make Nail Polish Matte

There are different simple ways to make your nail polish matte effortlessly, and you can . store your homemade matte nail polish in a container for long time.

1. Nail Polish with Corn Flour

matte nail polishImage:safebee

To bring in the matte effect to your glossy nail paint, add corn starch or corn flour. In a shallow bowl, add 2 teaspoons corn flour and then add nail polish color of your choice. Mix them together adding clear white polish with a nail polish brush. Ensure you don’t make the solution too thick and keep it watery. Painting your nails with this DIY Matte Nail Polish gives an elegant look.

2. Loose Powder on Nails

matte nail polishImage:glowcosmetics

Applying loose powder to your nails is another excellent way to bring in Matte nail polish effect. Instead of mixing it with nail polish which can be tacky at times, brush some loose powder on your nails to get matte look.

Apply a nail polish of your choice and allow it to dry. Dip nail polish brush in loose powder and apply it on the nails. After few seconds, brush off the extra powders from your nails to enjoy the matte top coat nail look.

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3. Use Eye-shadow for Matte Nail Polish

matte nail polishImage:uroki-manikura

Get nail polish matte effect by adding eye shadow and transparent nail polish. Scrape some eye shadow or you can always use your broken eye shadows for this do-it-yourself matte nail polish. Take some eye shadow powder in a shallow container and pour the clear nail polish on it and blend thoroughly using a toothpick. If you want to make the nail paint thick, add little corn flour to the mix. Ensure there are no lumps when you mix them, as it may spoil the effect and make your nails look tacky. Use the nail polish quickly as it gets dry faster. You will notice the Matte Nail Polish effect after it dries.

We hope these 3 simple ways to turn ordinary nail polish into Matte Nail Polish at home is helpful. Make your own Matte Nail Polish– DIY and let us know how it worked out.

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