All Natural Makeup Remover with Kitchen Ingredients

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Make-up remover pads or products are either pricey or they can cause breakouts especially on the sensitive skin. So we’ve compiled All Natural Makeup Remover with kitchen ingredients that work best in removing all the traces of makeup you have on your skin. In fact, there are bunch of Natural makeup removers in your kitchen you can try.

1. Coconut Oil

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Using Coconut Oil as skin moisturizer? It can do more! Coconut oil breaks up the water-resistant substances used in eye shadows and mascaras and other makeup products and releases them from your skin and eyes. Plus, it will leave your skin softer and younger-looking and you don’t need to moisturize your skin again, unless you have very dry skin.

For natural eye makeup remover, scoop out a little and rub it between your fingers to warm it up first and apply it over your eyes and massage gently. Avoid getting oil in your eyes, since it will temporarily blur your vision. Wash it off with water and use a mild cleanser.

2. Milk

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No surprises here! Milk is always great for skin, and we often use them as cleansers in homemade face packs and treating exacerbate skin conditions such as acne and eczema and for soothing sunburns as well. It is also the best Natural makeup remover. Add a spoon of almond oil to 2 spoons of whole milk in a bowl. Dip the cotton ball in it and rub it all over your face. Massage and use a wash cloth or cotton ball for makeup-free and refreshed face.

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3. Cucumbers

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Did you ever notice that many makeup remover products have cucumber as one of the ingredients? So rather than heading to the store to purchase cucumber-based makeup remover wipes, try cucumber to remove makeup. With the anti-inflammatory properties, it not only effectively removes makeup but soothes the irritated and acne-prone skin. Blend cucumber to make juice and add a spoon of milk or olive oil to use it as All natural makeup remover.

4. Shea Butter

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Shea butter can be your best makeup remover, as it even removes the stubborn eye make-up. Just rub a pea-sized amount between your fingers to warm it up before applying and massage it gently on skin in circular motion and use a cotton ball or wash cloth to remove the waterproof makeup.

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5. Witch Hazel

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Another multipurpose product with multiple benefits, Witch hazel can be made into a makeup remover. Use witch hazel and Olive oil for this DIY Makeup Remover. Witch Hazel is packed with astringent properties while Olive oil has the moisturizing qualities that not only cleanse makeup, but also reducing buildup in pores. For this All natural makeup remover, mix equal parts of witch hazel and olive oil and store it in container. Shake the mixture before use, and apply it with a cotton ball to remove makeup.

All natural makeup remover is cost-effective, easy-to-prepare and free of chemicals. Try these natural eye makeup removers to remove waterproof makeup.

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