Quick Tips to Strengthen Fingernails

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Fairandglow.com has compiled 10 Quick Tips to strengthen fingernails and make them look clean, white and glossier. Here’s how to make nails stronger.

1. Maintain Short Nails

Long nails are vulnerable to damage for they absorb the chemicals and water that come in contact. Shorter and filed nails look better and stronger.

2. Moisturize Cuticles

Dry nails and breakage are due to the weak nails which are the common problems that occur if cuticles aren’t moisturized daily. You can use Vaseline, butter, olive oil to moisturize cuticles daily to strengthen nails

3. Avoid Wearing Fake Nails

Wearing fake nails once in a while is alright, but wearing them too often can lead to nail breakage, as it prevents the nails to get the free air circulation. So avoid Wearing Fake Nails as much as you can if you want strong nails.

4. File Nails Regularly

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File the nails regularly into a rounded shape. This helps in not making them fragile or vulnerable to breakage thus enhancing their strength. Remember, when filing nails don’t edge the file into the corner as this can encourage breakage.

5. Don’t Chew Nails

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Restrain from chewing your nails, if you have such habit. This will not only make your nails lose its shape but also make them weaker and get exposed to water and other chemicals from the saliva.

6. Healthy Diet

How to make nails stronger? Eat a balanced diet that supports in getting ample nutrients that contributes to the strength. Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and veggies. Staying hydrated can makes the skin and nails look healthy.

7. Use Iodine

Iodine can cure the weak nails by making them stronger. Dip the fingernails in iodine (colorless) once or twice a day for a period of seven days, and this helps in making nails stronger as time goes.

8. Prefer Mild Detergents

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Prefer mild detergents and washing powders as the chemicals in them cause them to break towards their tips. Avoid harsh detergents or wear gloves when doing your dishes or washing clothes to prevent the nails from breaking..

9. Vitamin E to Improve Circulation

Vitamin E not only adds to your health, but also add beauty to nails. It strengthen fingernails by improving circulation which carries oxygen to nail beds. Foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E aid in removing impurities and dryness in nails. Include Avocados, tomatoes, lemons, and oranges in diet. Get vitamin E oil capsules. Extract them and apply to nails before you go to bed.

10. Olives Oil

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Olive oil is one of the proven Natural Nail Remedies to get those shiny nails. The linoleic acid in Olive Oil acts as a good moisturizer and prevents water from evaporating. It takes away the dryness in your nails.

Add few drops of olive oil to warm water. Leave it for 3 minutes and then, soak your nails in them for 10 minutes. Wash off.

We hope these Quick Tips to Strengthen fingernails are helpful. Follow these natural remedies for strong nails and prevent brittle nails.

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