How to Stop Hair Loss? Remedies for Hair Fall

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How to stop hair loss? Hair fall is one of the common problems for many, but thankfully Hair loss can be controlled. has compiled effective remedies for hair fall and hair fall solution that works best.

1. Apply Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil has been age old remedy for most of the skin and hair problems. Coconut oil massage restores the shine as well as reduces the hair fall problems.

Alternatively apply warm coconut oil deep into hair roots and massage twice a week. Wrap with a warm towel, and let it sit for an hour and rinse well with a shampoo. Follow this remedy for hair fall regularly and you will soon enjoy the luxurious hair locks.

2. Beat the Stress

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Stress can not only worse your health or skin but also cause hair fall problem. Beat the stress to reduce hair fall. Yes, Hair Loss can be caused from stress as well. See the reasons you’re being stressed out, and identify ways to tackle the stress.

3. Exercise

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Exercise not only makes your body fit and healthier, but also is beneficial for hair. Though exercise doesn’t make your hair grown again, it helps in improving your mood and beat stress, and strengthen the roots of your hair. Doing your exercise regularly improves your hair’s health and limits your hair fall to an extent.

4. Get the Vitamins

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Vitamin Deficiency is one of the reasons for hair fall. We know there are lots of topical remedies, but getting the right vitamins to strengthen your hair follicles at the “root” is the only hair fall solution at these times. The right amount of vitamins in your body can control the hair loss. Include fish and dark leafy greens to get the Omega oils and eggs and nuts to get the biotin and almonds, avocados which are super healthy for hair.

5. Improve Your Diet

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Healthy diet can be one of the best solutions on how to stop hair loss. Getting ample micronutrients and vitamins into your system is important. Eat good foods for healthy hair including Red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables like carrots and dark green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, fish and lever in your regular diet. Foods rich in vitamin A bolster the growth and health of cells and hair follicles and reduce hair loss.

6. Brush your Hair

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Avoid the terrible hair fall by brushing your hair out and adding a night-time leave in conditioner before you sleep. Don’t tie your hair with ponytail as this will increase the breakage of your hair. Leave it free.

7. Protect Hair from Pollutants

Protect your hair from pollutants and toxins that come from the environment-dirt, dust and grime. Remember hair is vulnerable to many dangers that lead to hair fall. Tie your hair when you leave the hair and use a scarf or hats when you step into the sun.

Follow these 7 remedies for hair fall if you’re worrying on How to stop hair loss. We hope these hair fall solutions work for you the best.

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