Bridal Hair Dos- Style your Hair with Beauty Experts Tips

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Brides start preparing for the D-Day months before, taking extra care on the dress and jewellery, but remember not to ignore hair styling. It is important to style your hair knowing your hair type, texture and face shape.

Following are Beauty Experts Tips on how to style your hair and prep your hair from months prior for the wedding day…

1. Know Your Hair Type

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Before going for the hair styling, it’s vital to know your hair type and texture, as it helps you chose the right hair products and make best choices for the health of your hair when styling. You hair follicles that house the root determines hair type be it in size or thickness or textures (straight, wavy, curly, and kinky). Choose hair products that are labeled for your hair type.

2. Style Tips for Curly Hair

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If you have super curly hair, and you had flat-iron it straight, your curls may come back to the original way within 2-3 hours. It’s best to work with what nature gave you. Rather than ditching those curls for super-straight hair, play with the curls and fight with the frizz. Get the bobby pins, and place them to style those curls.

3. Straight Hair

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Don’t fight with your natural texture as the curls you make may fall straight by end of the ceremony. If you wanted to get the curls, keep them big and lose, else opt for a leek style low bun to one side or bowlike French twist, which shows off your straight hair. Add hair sprays to your hair products, which add the dazzling shine to your hair.

4. Thin Hair

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If you have just the fine thin hair, try keeping your look simple. Opt for a Hair up do which looks elegant and adds the style. You don’t have to worry about it going limp on you, when you wear the hair up. Include the twists, loops, baby braids, and hair accessories in your hair style.

5. Oily Hair

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For Oil haired ladies, Beauty experts suggest a low-maintenance updos which will keep them from touching their hair often that causes oil production. Hair stylists do not advice wearing their hair down for long hours. Go for hair refreshing products that absorb the oil and keep your roots looking clean and dry all day. Also use a pinch of baby powder on roots of hair that will absorb the excess oil and removes greasiness.

6. Colored or Chemically Treated Hair

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Hair stylists suggest not going for chemical or color hair treatments prior 6-4 months of wedding. But if you have chemically straightened hair or colored hair, which is fairly fragile and breakage-prone, take the needed deep conditioning salon treatments. Also choose a hair style that conceals damaged ends be it a French twist or an up do. Use hair products to increase shine and smooth down your strands.

7. Natural Hair

If you are blessed with natural hair, chances are you can choose major hair styles that can be both comfortable and flattering. There are lot of quick ways to style hair. Ensure you keep the look fitting to your wedding style be it twists, buns, and other formal updos or even loose half-updos. Show off your hair accessories

Follow these suggestions from Beauty Experts and Style your Hair to enhance your hair’s best qualities on your wedding day.

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