How to Get Strong Nails – 5 Best Tips for Nail Care !!!

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Weak and brittle nails signal nutritional deficiency and they are prone to break easily. Every woman wishes for stronger, longer and shaped nails that enhance the beauty of your hands. Here are the 5 Tips to get stronger nails. Follow this Nail Care routine for brighter and stronger nails.

1. Keep Nails Hydrated

Moisturize your nails daily and keep them hydrated. Rub a small amount of Vaseline into your cuticle and the skin surrounding your nails daily before going to bed, to keep them moisturized. You can substitute petroleum jelly with Olive Oil of Castor Oil which is great for your cuticles and promotes stronger nails, repairing the damage. This is also the best way to grow stronger nails

2. Dry Your Hands

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Dry your hands every time you wash your hands for at least two minutes. Leaving the hands and toes damp can increase the risks of fungal infections. Dry nails are the stronger nails and if you’re suffering from weak and brittle nails or fungal infections, try Tea tree oil as it has the potential to repair and strengthen damaged nails and further prevent and treat fungal infections.

Take 4 or 5 drops of tea tree oil and add ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil or jojoba oil. Apply it to the nails daily and massage it for few minutes. Let it dry and wash off with lukewarm water.

3. Polish your Nails

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This seems a little surprised but polishing your nails with nail paint can protect them. Use a base coat, two thin coats of colour and a top coat again to get stronger nails and polished nails. The colour will last you for a week but remove it after 10 days.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid Nail polishes loaded with chemicals such as formaldehyde or acetone since they can be very drying. Opt for acetate-based nail polish removers always. Limit your nails exposure to harsh chemicals and keep them free of fake nails. Go for manicures and pedicures at least once a month to grow nails stronger and longer. Also, try to avoid picking things and hard surfaces with your nails.

5. Increase Biotin intake

For stronger thicker and beautiful nails, increase your biotin intake as the water-soluble B vitamin aids in preventing nail splitting and dryness. So, increase your intake of foods such as salmon, corn, carrots, egg yolks, fortified cereals, soybeans, lentils, peanuts, sweet potatoes and almonds. Alternatively, you can also take biotin supplement to strengthen weak nails.

Follow these Nail Care tips to attain strong and healthy nails that look beautiful when styled. Include these foods and follow these easiest Nail growing tips.

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