Top 10 Valentine Nail Art Designs Easy Steps to Try

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Nail your Valentine’s Day by trying out these easy nail designs with hearts, stripes, half-moons and more that are quite different from the classic Red. You can either choose all these valentines nail designs or mix and match them. So, click on the video below to watch the Valentine nail art designs.

1. Red Lips Nail Art

valentine nail art designs

To create the Red Lips Nail Art, start off by painting the nails pink, next use a dotting tool with red polish to create the lips. Finish off the nail design for valentine with a transparent coat.

2. Cupcakes

valentine nail art designs

This Valentine nail art is super cute and prettier. Start off by painting white nail polish and with a pink polish, paint the cup cake and top it off with red heart design.

3. Red Roses

valentine nail art designs

Begin by painting your nails with pale pink. Then with a dotted tool and two nail paints make roses that will look beautiful.

4. Ombre Hearts

valentine nail art designs

Begin by painting nails white, and create the hearts with pale pink, pink and red nail paints all over your nails. Complete with top coat.


valentine nail art designs

This is one of the easy valentines nail designs that are packed with Cherry red paint and white polish. Use a thin brush or toothpick to finish it.

6. Love Letter

valentine nail art designs

Another ultra-cute nail art designs that involves white paint and diagonal black lines with red hearts. Top off with transparent coat.

7. Leopard Hearts

valentine nail art designs

Begin by painting with pale pink. Next use a darker pink to create hearts and use a blackpaint to line the edges of the heart for a defined Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

8. Heart Flower

valentine nail art designs

Wear your heart on the nails and they look even better in the micro prints. This valentine’s day nail art design is an easy way to upgrade your manicure.

9. Pink Plaid

valentine nail art designs

Instead of literal valentines nail designs, you can opt for the stripes and checks to create a funky and trendy design.

10. Big Heart

valentine nail art designs

Here’s Orange and Pink hearts that you can use a million ways to paint the symbol. These reverse hearts are easy to manage. Try out the Valentine nail art designs.

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