Best 3 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick

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The trend of Red Lips never-go out-fashioned. But getting Perfect red lipstick that suits you can be a bit tricky. So here are 3 Ways to wear Red Lipstick like a pro in no time and help you master this classic look.

1. Pick the right shade of Red Lipstick

Not every red lipstick can go for every skin tone. Choose the color and contrast according to your skin tone. For red lipstick for fair skin, a true candy-apple red will look gorgeous, while a coral red will look great on beige skin ladies.

For women with medium skin tone, go for brick red, and if your skin is tanned, try the bold brick red that will be a Perfect red lipstick for you. Choose a red shade that is slightly darker and richer than cherry red.

Women with olive skin choose red with pink undertones while ladies who have rich, copper skin can pick brighter berry red shade. Avoid the neon-bright berry reds as they can be tricky and make you look too old.

The best red lipstick for chocolate skin ladies is purple-based red with which you can create a very stylish chic look. And finally women with dark skin look great with a bright red with blue undertones.

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2. Choose Right Formula Red Lipstick

Matte Red Lipsticks- For the most classic look, try matte red lip that is long lasting and won’t feather over time, making it perfect for events or even a night out.

Glossy red Lipstick- Applying lipstick in glossy red can give you a modern stylish look. Most of the brands come with glossy reds that are subtle and sophisticated touch to your lips. Wear glossy reds as a stand-alone color or layer it up on matte red for the best tips for red lips

Red Lip Stain- Liquid lipstick/gloss hybrid lip products that add the stain to your lips with a matte finish for a perfect red lip color. They look very natural though it can be a bit difficult to remove. If you are looking for ways on how to apply red lipstick for long hours, consider the lip stain that is the best long wear alternative to a traditional lipstick.

Red tinted moisturizer- If you’re worried about bold red lips, yet wish to try out red lipstick then go for a red tinted moisturizer initially. The hued balms can add the traditional rouge to lips yet look translucent and not very bold with slightly glossy natural finish.

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3. How to apply lipstick perfectly

Here are few Ways to wear Red Lipstick step-by-step.

1. Smooth out the lips

Wearing red lipstick can make your dry, peeling and flaky lips looks much worse. So exfoliate your lips initially with a sugar scrub to remove any dead skin from your lips. Follow it up with a smooth lip balm for smoothed and softened lips.

2. Outline lips with highlighter

One of the best lip makeup tips is to use a light concealer or highlighter around the outside of lips to make them pop. All you need to do is use a smaller brush to dab concealer/highlighter on the areas and gently blend the outer edge of the line for natural look. This will really make your lips pop and draw attention to your lips.

3. Use a Lip-Liner

Outline and fill your lips with a lip-liner of a nude or red shade. This will fill the grooves of your lips with a waxy coating, thus providing the smoother blank canvas for the lipstick. Draw the outline and fill the lips entirely with the liner. Use a makeup remover on a Q-tip to wipe the excess or any mistakes. For women with thin lips, slightly line outside your lips to make lips look bigger.

4. How to apply lipstick

You can apply lipstick directly out of the tube, or use a lip brush to create a smooth, even coat to the complete surface of your lips. Don’t ignore the soft center of your lips, an area often forgotten.

5. Remove excess lipstick

Prevent any excess lipstick or the stains on teeth placing your index finger in your mouth and move it around gently. Place a tissue between your lips and pressing them together gently to remove excess product.

Apart from these 3 Ways to wear Red Lipstick, try out the Perfect red lipstick along with subtle/neutral eye makeup for classic look.

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