The Best Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes in 10 Easy Steps

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Picking your own makeup for your marriage can be a hard decision to take, but here are our Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes tips, that help you get that elegant bridal touch without the shimmery-glossy and the over-the-top effect.

The touch of Caramels for eye-wedding makeup for brown eyes look versatile, as it goes with any bridal trousseau you would wear, and blends with day or night wedding. The reddish-caramel touch can be the best eye color for brown eyes to flaunt in the wedding.

Learn the Caramel eyes with Hot pink lips wedding makeup tutorial in just 10 steps that doesn’t take more than half an hour to achieve it.

1. Use a mild cleanser to cleanse your face. Follow it up with a herbal toner by patting your face and neck with the help of cotton swab. Use a moisturizer and wait for couple of minutes to let the product soak into skin and set. Take a little cotton and wipe off the excess moisturizer and the remnants.

2. Go for the foundation that matches your shade. Dab a bit onto the forehead, the face, and the cheekbones first. Blend it into the skin gently to get that smooth look. Now, dab the area on eyelids and under the eyes and blend concealer. Don’t forget to apply foundation behind the ears, and the neck as well. With a damp beauty blender or a stippling brush, blend the product all over the face, the neck, behind the ears and around the lips for that perfect base.

3. It’s time to work on eyes. Opt for a yellow or white highlighter. Stroke the highlighter just once on the brow area very gently to form the base. Blend the shade into the brow bone, and wait for few seconds for it to set.

4. Take the lightest brown shade from your eye palette and colour the socket of the upper eyes. Work from the outer eye corner towards the inside of the eyes, gently stroking it. Do one eye at a time. Culminate around the inner eye corner of the eye. Do one eye at a time and repeat it on the other eye.

5. Use a brown stencil on the upper lash line giving a half stroke and a very light touch to the area here.

6. On the lower lash line, apply two strokes of the brown stencil and line them dark and thick. Follow it up on both eyes.

7. Opt for a red liner or a red stencil pencil and apply it on the water lines of the eyes, up and down. Stroke it gently to get that color on the eyes.

8. Use a slant eyeshadow brush on the lower lash lines to blend the red and brown stencil strokes. Use another eye shadow brush to blend the colours of the upper and lower eyelids. Work from the eye socket, get to the crease, and then to the outer corner of the eyes. From the outer corner of eyes, blend towards inwards and to the crease, and to the socket then to inner corner of the eyes..

9. To finish off this eye makeup for brown eyes, get to the upper and lower lash lines and give a half stroke to blend it all.

10. Now that your eye makeup is complete, get to the lips to complete the entire wedding makeup for brown eyes. Begin lining the lips with a pink pencil. Use a lip brush to dab a little shimmer powder in the middle portion of the lips. Now, choose a hot pink lipstick or lip gloss and apply it in the the middle portion of the lips. Blend the lipstick well so that the lip lining isn’t seen.

That ends our wedding makeup for brown eyes, and we’re sure the touch of Caramels will be the best eye color for brown eyes. Seal the look with makeup fix spray, and the look would last for long hours.

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